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just got it BIN for 150
why would i be joking?
anyone seen the black white flyknit racers hanging around?
those are wackarnolds
i shave my asshole, then my face then masturbate in the shower to pictures of your mother.
i'd go naked and shoeless before i wore cross fit anything
might be time to give powerlifting a try for shits and giggles. i benched 535 last night after hitting 505 for 3 good clean reps. squat is back up to about 500 and i pulled 625 twice this week.
http://www.elitefeet.com/are-you-an-average-man Where do you guys stack up? average is 5'9, 175, with 13 inch biceps and a 40 inch chest, waist 34" ( a lie no doubt) I am 6'2, 235, 20.75" arms and a 52" chest. waist is 35".
what a fucking fascinating tale
sorry i missed coffee, got jammed up out of town for the day but had to call this out as steranko is a fucking boss, greatest visual storyteller in comic history
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