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if there are any NY members interested i have a to of stuff for local pickup i can sell off
i hope this is ok to post here but since i suck at shipping, if any NY members are interested, i can do a meetup as i have a bunch of home repairs and a lot of stuff i could part with: eg mackinaw size xl - $250 eg brown wool baker xl - $160 eg herringbone bedford xl - $175 eg tweed bedford xl - $175 ed grey wool andover xl - $100 eg long bush shirt (blue polka dot , no hood) xl - $60 eg long bush shirt no hood, blue, red plaid, xl - $70 if by chance you are interested...
anyone know whats up with mr p? you can access any size in the sales selection but cannot put it in cart or wish list
ditto. btw la bound in 10 days!
im a 13 us in nike and geos, 11.5 or 12 in rick adidas
interest check, not negotiable
e.g. tweed bedford and wool baker $250 for the tweed, $175 for the baker
mackinaw pics, xl, $300
oh man the blistered neoprene is the greatest rick Imo, then oiled calf, then blistered lamb before it was paper thin
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