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No Gold Coast of Long Island which is pussy lane as far as sports
My son plays on an elite aau team averaging 21 and 10 assists. Got cut from jv tryouts because his game is too "urban". Sigh. Looking into private schools now. Our white bread town just too full of politics. Ina brighter note my ten year old had his first travel game today. 15 points 10 rebounds 5 assists 3 blocks and 2 steals. He's projected to be 6'9 so maybe one less college tuition to pay for
who the hell says rock in 2014?
yes, what he said
bathroom creeper eg x 4 alden and uniqlo
they are doing a lottery here for the
This is straight up pat Bateman who gives a shit put it in a drawer
better off with an upper lower split day 1 upper day 2 lower rest repeat bodybuilding is exhausting in a different way, more focused on small things than big things
No y-3
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