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banned for backing out on a trade? you didnt send me anything so not sure how this inconvenienced you
i have them in blue, size 13
He was paid ask him
is it ok for a new member to join specifically to troll someone and follow them around online with negatives when they have no proof theyve had any transactions with you?
ok youve got a deal. i specifically posted local meet up only so there are no issues.
Small to size I'd size up one
i communicated with you throughout and tried several times to refund you as i had pm'd you. anyway this was for local pickup so there is no issue at play. offering to goive someone something in person for cash. what was i going to do club them over the head?
i am actually not you can search by user name. oh you changed your post already it looks like
hey dipshit i am asking about local pickup and payment, i admittedly suck at shipping. i also just sold two items on there so i think its safe to say i am not banned? you also didn't buy any eg pants from me since i never listed any on there for sale.so it would have been pretty tough to buy them. have sold to tons of people on here
alos eg blue van slip ons, size 13, $70 eg white sk8 hi, 13, $80
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