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eg baker eg bdu eg flannel uniqlo vest alden
the hooved ones are fine for a day but i wouldn't go hiking in them, the square backed ones are super comfortable I'm trying to find another pair in my size
im a 46 2/3 in these and a true size 13.5 US i fit a size 47 in the ones with the square backs
where to cop plastic model of a condo?
i never see any xl on rakuten where do you see it?
yeah some drkshdw i have is xl, some is xxl. rick mainline size large stretches to fit better than xl but they start out kind tight. some of the denser cotton used on drkshdw stuff is unforgiving so large might be too small for you i can fit in a 34 detroit and a 33 berlin but i've had to go to 36 on some models of devices. I'm not convinced anyone even measures this shit when they product it.
mcd's. i just saw an EG fit that made me want to pull an eqqus
another fatty blaming waist size on thighs
amazing how many people on here spend a fortune on clothes but have bodies like grimace and look like pudding in their clothes
i have the brown wool baker from this season and i have a 47/48" chest and the xl fits a little snug but i like it that way. a large should do u just fine
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