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how is this still here thought everyone loves EG here
size down .5-1 size
i'll pm you tomorrow
thanks to friends in the right places got frags, air command force spurs, blake 1s, pantones and columbias
i posted it in wrong section but parting with my infamous neo blistered geo if anyone is interested. size xl, $1100 is what i am looking for.
i got them but it was an 11 hour day
friend of a friend at retail too
busy weekend kopped a lot: columbia 11 pantone gift of flight pack spurs air command force frag 1s jordan 1 ps nyc lebron 12 phoenix suns kd 7 black suede mostly for the kids but i got columbias and bred 13s
fuck it, i'd take like $1200, holidays are brutal.
same as one in the link. size 56 but fits like 54. take it before i change my mind. http://www.rickowens.eu/en/men/products/ru14f2791lbo-09
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