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i'm a 46. my OG rick sneakers are reversed calf so they'd be redundant
ok, well if its goes, all white or all black? red wouldn't fit with the rest of my stuff
unofficial poll, i just sold my geobaskets which were too small. what say you? another pair of geobaskets or a new pair of rick adidas
was such a quiet evening until i saw bar raefali's asshole
for sale is a heavily featured runway piece from f/w 12. rick kangaroo sweater, size large.
sadly, i had the model that is like 250-299. my friend's vitamin pulverizes everything, this thing was outdone by an oster
Well the blade jumped and ruined the inside of the container. The power is piddling. The lid broke twice. Just get the smaller vitamin for 399.
my goal is 240 by xmas at 11% bf
hate to tell you but it sucks, i returned mine after 3 months. vitamix or blendtec only way to go. it competes with vitamix the way a wry competes with an m5
bump, i will take $425...
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