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^yeah probably
its maddening how this site has become restock and sizing questions. hardly anyone with any interests beyond just consuming shit
thats the leading fatty defense mechanism here everyone with alleged tom platz thighs
whatever happens happens
melton coat is comfy too
the baker BDUs require long johns or they are a hair suit essentially. the tweeds and herringbones i find very comfortable. also, i'll but that xl blazer from you t
i strap the cabinet to my back the kids can rescue themselves
for any nerds like me, thought i'd share my marvel legends collection. i have every figure releases since 02, kind hard to get sense of scale from the pics but i love this shit.
sf shopping has gone to pot, could use an infusion of great stores
the made in italy pieces by and large are the more expensive ones despite it not being warranted. some of the shearlings are made in moldova
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