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if the price was closer to the $395 you paid i'd bite
you have pretty crappy grammar as well:nodding:
what a shitshow. can't even add 15s to the cart, tried to get my uncle bred 1s for his birthday
really sorry V
good deal
yeah i didnt have a prayer i went to archbishop molloy who has produced 12-15 nba players. 6 kids on varsity when i went got d1 scholarships
yeah he's excited he is headed to 5-star this summer once the aau season is over
The power of Kobe 9 my boy ha 18 points 8 assists and 2 steals on 7-10 shooting in his aau playoff win
I go to the dr, the chiro etc but mostly work around it
i dunno i am a big believer in the occasional bad form monster weight thing if you always use good strict form just as a means of muscle confusion. i sometimes sloppy curl 225 on a barbell just to completely waste the bi's
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