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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie my worst expensive purchase hands down was a class (letterman) jacket. a varsity style jacket I wore my senior year... its the ugliest thing. We picked Carolina Blue body, with White sleeves, then I listened to the saleslady and sized up to a Large (wtf... i was 5.9 a buck forty) tossed a bunch of stupid patches on the sleeves and had my name embroidered on the back in this terrible font. I almost posted a fit w/ it on...
zissou, those mfsc look awesome! Where'd you cop?
If I wear a 30 in KMW, 30 in 5ep, 29 in Nudies, 28 in APC, 30 in Flat Head, what size should I get in SC Okinawas? 30?
I didn't say it was GOOD trolling, just presenting that as a possibility. ~/Zrules OPFTW?
I don't baby my jeans when I was them, but I've had issues with combs resetting if I put them in the dryer, so I hang them to dry. Has anyone else had this problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Obsessing over how to treat your denim = weak ass fades. *Palm to forehead* Well, suffice to say I've figured out a few things about denim since May of 2007 when I wrote that.
I've been brewing casually for about a year and a half. I haven't done too much all-grain, given space constraints and laziness. I've done some partial mash, but don't feel it's worth the extra effort. I've made several beers I loved via extract. The way I see it is, buy wheat and mash it into flour, grow my own grapes, dry them into raisins, raise my own chickens to get eggs, etc... just to make cookies with raisins, or I could just buy the ingredients, combine them...
A bit, yes.
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