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I've been thinking about these really hard the last few weeks, anyone picked one up? I'd love to see a photo in the wild so to speak, or with a little bit of patina.
A less fancy/more trashy collection: Bog standard Doc Marten 1460, 90s/my highschool years vintage DM 1914, made in england version Demonia unknown model, glossy burgundy, faux steel toe LL Bean Kata's RW Iron Rangers (current fav, love the hawthorne leather) Chippewa engineers (forget the model)
Mine will be a year in a couple weeks I think. Maybe the DR "batch" is just really big?
30+ weeks on a DR and 3+ weeks on custom earbuds. My life is agony
Has anyone got a photo of the wax coated weird guys worn in the wild instead of (optionally abjectly missized) modeled product photos?
Not all the varieties come in wide (Amber harness and hawthorne muleskinner do afaik)I got my muleskinners in EE from zappos.
Is there such a thing as an indigo/indigo or indigo/black in the 100$US range (+/- 25$ let's say)? By way of example Blue Owl has some united stock dry goods ones that are clearanced that I like the look of, but the "narrow" cut that I think I'd need is sold out. In terms of fit I'd prefer slim straight or tapered with a little higher rise than say, Weird Guys. Speaking of Weird Guys, I realize they're available in indigo/black "Midnight" for a bit more than my budget,...
Iron rangers in muleskinner arrived, AND fit like a glove Seeing the waxed flesh boots over in the Viberg thread has made me wonder if you could get the hawthorne or choc. muleskinner leather to look like that with the application of something really stiff like otter wax. Not that I'm considering doing it on brand new ones, though.
Personally I'd give a lot of consideration to having any IR spec resoled with a lug
Right, because being loomstate aren't they meant to have a pretty unpredictable/dramatic shrink? Or did I misunderstand what that term entails?
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