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Perhaps wrap the box in the jacket?
Your achy breaky heart...Email sent in any case. Here's hoping.
Charly implied (i say implied- I can't remember his exact words) several times through the fall my DR was ready or waiting to ship, but I haven't bothered him recently since it's pretty obvious he isn't getting good information.
If it's meant to be ridden in, yeah.
I guess the dreams set in at 14 months
Yeah that's just what we're interested in at this point, right?
Good news for Toj0 orders at least. Heh.
I guess the most generous explanation would be that they are packed and ready orders for which the address clarification emails have not been responded to.Also of note a later comment on that IG post indicates there aren't any leathers in there :sigh:
I don't know that it even takes much contrivance; opening (& often running) a restaurant is a money pit the likes of which boat owners and classic car restorers can only dream about.
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