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Going to happen a good bit I bet, unless people manage to keep their (more or less exact depending on fit) weight and composition for 20 months
ed- nevermind i seem to have read it exactly backwards
For what it's worth, Charly got back to me bright and early this morning about an enquiry I emailed over the weekend. Greatly appreciative of the prompt response.
Hey man thanks for taking the time to get a photo! I was also considering indigo rub off since my current light tan belt is getting really grungy. Any waxy leather treatment ought to work, right?Ed: I should add, the 7 hole approach makes me really happy too; I have at least one belt kicking around that only had 3, now completely worthless unless I get a tapeworm.
I've been thinking about these really hard the last few weeks, anyone picked one up? I'd love to see a photo in the wild so to speak, or with a little bit of patina.
A less fancy/more trashy collection: Bog standard Doc Marten 1460, 90s/my highschool years vintage DM 1914, made in england version Demonia unknown model, glossy burgundy, faux steel toe LL Bean Kata's RW Iron Rangers (current fav, love the hawthorne leather) Chippewa engineers (forget the model)
Mine will be a year in a couple weeks I think. Maybe the DR "batch" is just really big?
30+ weeks on a DR and 3+ weeks on custom earbuds. My life is agony
Has anyone got a photo of the wax coated weird guys worn in the wild instead of (optionally abjectly missized) modeled product photos?
Not all the varieties come in wide (Amber harness and hawthorne muleskinner do afaik)I got my muleskinners in EE from zappos.
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