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One more to bask in that color. Pissing down rain here lately so I haven't even worn it out yet
Thanks dude; it's bright whiskey, not super sure how much of a difference there is between the bright and med though.
Terrified to open it tbh Wait never mind: Yeah sorry you get ye olde bathroom selfie for some natural light. I'm honestly taken aback by how light and airy this jacket feels. My other leathers are Schott- an 80s perfecto and a horsehide band collar moto. Going from that to this lamb is quite a change. The fit seems awesome for a few minutes wearing it around the house (thanks Charly!) and if anyone wants to dig up the link to that spreadsheet I'll update my...
August 22 2013 for a 2010 DR
Got an email response from Drew last night (9:45pm Eastern, something like 11am Drew Standard Time) indicating my August 2013 jacket order was going out today. Fingers crossed. It's about 10 days for those EMS packages to make their way over, right?
It seems a few people got emails from him today. Bear in mind too that his time zone is about 12 hours opposed to most of the US, so you would sort of expect correspondence overnight or in the morning.
@impolyt_one would you prefer us to bump the previous order-details-payment-etc email conversation or send a new message when we get in touch w order details?
Posting pics in the relevant brand threads?
3 days, 10 pages of posts. Count me in the "Shit, Drew must have risen from the sleep of the undead" club
New Posts  All Forums: