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If it's meant to be ridden in, yeah.
I guess the dreams set in at 14 months
Yeah that's just what we're interested in at this point, right?
Good news for Toj0 orders at least. Heh.
I guess the most generous explanation would be that they are packed and ready orders for which the address clarification emails have not been responded to.Also of note a later comment on that IG post indicates there aren't any leathers in there :sigh:
I don't know that it even takes much contrivance; opening (& often running) a restaurant is a money pit the likes of which boat owners and classic car restorers can only dream about.
Should I expect my size in iron rangers to translate directly to the beckman?
Has anyone seen the cordovan engineer boots next to the Chippewa branded version? I was wondering if they were the same leather, as I've handled the Chippewa service boot in cordovan and really liked the look and feel (alas, didn't fit) Finding the Chippewa boot in cordovan and a EE is proving to be a pain, so I'm tempted to just get the LLB product since I know their service to be impeccable and EE is right there on their site in all sizes. The only thing I dislike is I...
Can't get enough of that leather, the color in sunlight is amazing.
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