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You might well be the last 10DR before I ordered (8/22) Although at this rate I sort of half expect once the snow thaws the box will be sitting in the yard somewhere thanks to the stellar USPS around here.
The best part of seeing you guys with august DRs posting is knowing that since the midwest is under a foot of snow, mine will probably be even more delayed.
Hmm, wonder how many 2010s are between yours and my mid-august one.
Happy easter?
Perhaps wrap the box in the jacket?
Your achy breaky heart...Email sent in any case. Here's hoping.
Charly implied (i say implied- I can't remember his exact words) several times through the fall my DR was ready or waiting to ship, but I haven't bothered him recently since it's pretty obvious he isn't getting good information.
If it's meant to be ridden in, yeah.
I guess the dreams set in at 14 months
New Posts  All Forums: