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You've got my vote, and I guess that is one of the advantages that comes with being a member of a forum.
Sorry I have no idea, but I wished i could help.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Keep it neat and I don't see a problem. Mine puts a few years on me which gives me the leg up here in Korea (I figure anyway). I think that is it basically. Keep it neat and all will be fine but not for all take note.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Looks horrible to me. I think he actually looks great, but I like his jeans more.
I say anything that fits and that you like, rock it. And careless about what other people says.
Well even if people don't approve, you can start creating your won style.
I think Indochino suits aren't all that bad, I don't have one myself, but I have heard a lot of good review from friends and family. And from the reviews on this thread too, I can say it sounds like a good brand to give a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands The Shurt Clip is worn exclusively by pederasts and anal rapists. Oh!!! just stop, leave that guy and his product alone.
I think they are OK, but I think you could do better, Ebay has a lot more than that to offer at a lot more cheaper and welcoming price. But these are great too.
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts It's a pretty substantial/thick tie (almost has a 7 fold feel to it) it has a painted lady damn
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