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Hey guys, There's a groupon deal going on for a set of shirt, tie and cufflinks for $120 at Bespoke By Nicholas for the next 12 hours, has anyone been to this tailor before?
I just ordered my first TM Lewin shirt! I matched the measurements on my Van Heusen shirt and ordered one of their $32 cheap shirts, hopefully once I get the measurements right I'll be able to buy the better shirts with the 4 for $160 deal. In the mean time I'm going to organise an shopping trip with a few co-workers and see if we can hit up Herringbone & MJ Bale in Sydney to see if there are anything on sale (Including the sales mention before)
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Once you get into good quality shirts, it is not really about the softness. Even the higher quality 'stiffer' fabrics will be more comfortable than some Australian department store junk. The weave, such as herringbone that you mention will have no impact on the 'softness'. It is all very dependent on the quality and type of material used. A herringbone weave shirt can be as soft as a silk shirt or very stiff all...
Thanks for the comments/tips guys. I noticed that a few of the online shops (Eg TM Lewin) sell Herringbone shirts, would they be similar fabric-wise to the ones sold in Herringbone shops in Sydney? Are they considered softer than Oxford or Poplin?
Hey guys, first time poster here.. just got into the world of quality/stylish men's clothing and all. I recently bought a Van Heusen shirt (Slim Fit, All Cotton) for ~$70 at Myers the other day. It's a step up from Tarocash/Connor style stuff i've been wearing, but what brand/stores should I be looking at if I want a shirt (Preferably OTR or maybe online MTM ones <$100-150) with softer fabric? A lot of people here mention TW Lewin for what I'm looking for, but there...
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