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Fair enough. Besides, one of the key elements of knowing how to dress is knowing how to dress appropriately for the occasion. Knowing when to wear a t-shirt, and knowing when not to.
Oh, I thought there was a Josh Gustin behind the whole thing. Or is he just one of many?
So being blue-collar means dressing slothfully? Have some pride. Fine, don't wear a sport coat, but tuck in your shirt, polish your shoes, etc. This slovenliness is a new trend: I bet 50 years ago even the poorest were well groomed.Gustin's website clearly states that he's aiming at a happy medium with respect to shirt tails such that one can tuck or not, which means that they'll be too short for some and too long for others. That's one reason why I'm staying away from his...
If by old men you mean people who've graduated from college and have moved past crashing on a friend's sofa--people who don't wear jeans to work--I guess you're right.Why are you wearing t-shirts? I pretty much only do in the summer, on the beach or doing house work, and no, I don't tuck. Polos and rugby shirts also can be left out and are made for that, but even then, depending on the context, one should consider tucking in a polo, especially if you're wearing with...
And so you should!On a completely unrelated note, I have been wearing my new Ventile-cloth baseball cap in some heavy rain, and I wish to report that the stuff works as advertised. I hope Gustin keeps offering items made of it. It's a very good thing.So here's my wish: a Ventile M65 jacket.
Fine, dress like a kid. Or a slob.Just please, let's agree that one should zip up one's fly, if that's not too much trouble.
You should always tuck in your shirts, unless you're wearing a Guyabera, or a Hawaiian Shirt.
Try Bonobos next, although Bonobos selvege costs a good bit more. I like Gustin and Flint/Tinder because of the high quality and low prices. Gustin was my intro to selvege. Personally, I'm not sure what difference selvege makes, but I have no doubt that Cone's fabric is superior to any other I've worn. Is that because it's selvege? I don't know. I like it, though. If you're willing to spend $200 and above, my favorite for old school looks is Imogene + Willie...
That's part of the problem with the model with his untucked shirts. It doesn't show how well the pants would do in a more professional setting. Put a nicer shirt on the model, tuck it in, and have him wear some adult shoes.
Flint and Tinder and Gustin offer Cone selvege jeans for under $100. http://www.flintandtinderusa.com/pants-jeans/the-super-toughs-jeans
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