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I can't tell if the collar/lapels of the M51 are different from the M43. That's what appeals to me. I also prefer buttons over snaps... The danger of being costume-y is real, and it's what keeps me from buying a replica or even an authentic vintage piece. The point is not to do a replica. But even doing a replica but with a different, more civilian fabric would make a big difference. Any of the fabrics Gustin's used on the chore coats would be great.
Re: Field jackets, If it were up to me, I'd start with the M1943 (which is sharper than the M1965, IMHO). At The Front makes a replica (see below), complete with a sateen finish. I wouldn't look to Gustin for a replica but rather an interpretation, provided that utility is not sacrificed. Meaning, let it be more relaxed fitting than, say, the chore coat. Imagine the M1943 in that green army canvas Gustin uses, the waxed dark oak, or perhaps a cool herring bone....
Josh, Since people use this thread to express wishes, I'll add mine: A coat with more useful pockets than the chore coat, perhaps with bellows but at the very least a button and flap. Maybe something more like a field jacket or a Filson tin cruiser. I've been looking for gaments for traveling and end up looking at stuff Orvis or Bean sells and thinking, I'd like something like that but USA-made and perhaps with a bit more 'hip. Here's an Orvis coat, which is clearly...
That would be lovely. I'm ready to pull the trigger the second it hits.
Josh, any plans for bringing back some standards like Cone 13.5oz?
I don't know. I don't actually have my hands on the GUSTIN shirt, I'm just comparing the numbers with my own shirts. I need to spend some more time measuring my shirts to pin down what I consider acceptable. But generally I use my BB slim fit dress shirts as a bench mark. I like the fit and prefer not to go slimmer. I also don't think a work shirt, by definition, should be tight fitting. It should be a bit less slim than a dress shirt.
I LOVE that new work shirt...but it's really too trim, with the chest measurements being smaller than my Brooks slim fit dress shirt. It's amazing to me that Gustin even came out with a "sllim fit" line...and of course, the shirt looks like it will be too short to tuck in. Please, Gustin, some shirts for people who aren't skinny 20-somethings?
Fair enough. Besides, one of the key elements of knowing how to dress is knowing how to dress appropriately for the occasion. Knowing when to wear a t-shirt, and knowing when not to.
Oh, I thought there was a Josh Gustin behind the whole thing. Or is he just one of many?
So being blue-collar means dressing slothfully? Have some pride. Fine, don't wear a sport coat, but tuck in your shirt, polish your shoes, etc. This slovenliness is a new trend: I bet 50 years ago even the poorest were well groomed.Gustin's website clearly states that he's aiming at a happy medium with respect to shirt tails such that one can tuck or not, which means that they'll be too short for some and too long for others. That's one reason why I'm staying away from his...
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