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I see the target not as Alden but Oak Street. Oak Street has a low toe box which makes it sleeker and better for street wear than most work boots, which are boxy and/or bulbous. The Chippewa, for example, is on the bulbous Munson last. Of course, there are reasons for a Munson last...it's a good bet if you're really walking 1,000 miles or working on your feet all day.
The boots have my attention. I'd be curious to know who will make them. Boots aren't like jeans. You can just make them in a garage with a sewing machine. My money's on Corcoran, in Pennsylvania. That said, the boot looks to sleek to be on a Munson last...anyway, I await details.
Of course sneakers do go well with denim, but there are other better options for casual footwear.
For starters--and for adults who are not actually engaged in athletic activities--yes.But I'd start with Clarks DBs as a good budget casual option. Gustin, make us some killer desert boots. It can't be too difficult, since they're glued and not welted and generally are crude things. Think Clarks, just better made. In contrast, decent penny loafers are not easy to make...they require real craftsmen (go check out the Rancourt thread). I'm betting that desert boots don't...
Sneakers? Really? What are we, attending gym class? Gustin, aim higher.
Can anyone comment in the difference in fit with respect to the jeans versus the chinos?
There was a shoe day last year. I'm hoping there's one this year as well.
The day after might be a little better, but I bet the selection today is way better.
Emphasis on the "non-staple," and it's not that common. Today's sale is among the best. It's a good day to pull the trigger.Any word on what comes next in these "six days of giving"?
I just assume they don't carry wides, although I confess that I haven't asked. It is almost always the case that B & M operations only carry D fittings. I'll make some calls.
New Posts  All Forums: