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There was a shoe day last year. I'm hoping there's one this year as well.
The day after might be a little better, but I bet the selection today is way better.
Emphasis on the "non-staple," and it's not that common. Today's sale is among the best. It's a good day to pull the trigger.Any word on what comes next in these "six days of giving"?
I just assume they don't carry wides, although I confess that I haven't asked. It is almost always the case that B & M operations only carry D fittings. I'll make some calls.
Ok guys, fit advice needed: I'm a 8E in one foot and a 7.5EE in the other. The shoes I wear are all over the place, size wise. Very last-dependent. Seeing as the 1000k only comes in a EEE, do I go for the D and count on the CXL to stretch as required? If so, 7.5D? I'd wear with thickish socks, but not full boot socks. These are for casual wear but not tackling the Appalachian Trail.
I prefer the leather on the cordovan Bean boot, but otherwise, no difference.
Wow, those chukkas! Boot envy indeed.
That's what I thought.
The prices went up to above $300 on Amazon. That's Wovlerine and AE territory...
Classic "Bean Boots" from LL Bean are both cheaper and more functional. And appropriate for a campus setting. If you want something more rugged, Chippewa boots are both tough enough and cheap enough that you can risk thrashing. Bean sells two variants; j crew sells some more expesnive versions. The basic model can be found real cheaper on the internet from work boot sellers. If you want dressier, the best options are English. Look for the Herring website. They sell their...
New Posts  All Forums: