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Thanks. I hadn't seen comments on this, although I confess to not feeling up to trawling through every page of this thread. I did google, which I find often works better than the search function, and found little.I only hesitate in buying the pile because then I'd have no use for the quilted liner. I hate the idea of having wasted my money.
I own the Polarquilt zip-in liner, which I wear with my Beaufort. I don't find it warm enough. Does anyone know if the "pile" liner is warmer? http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=73A0
Wow, what a gorgeous jacket. And a terrific price. I wish I could justify it: It has zero place in my wardrobe. Plus, the measurements worry me, given my short arms. Still, this has me excited about what's next in the product pipeline. What other outerwear can we look forward to seeing?
I'm deleting. Wrong thread. Sorry.
Man, my post provoked some weird stuff. Sorry! I've had my 257 now for a little over a week, and I'm really enjoying it. I think it's gorgeous. And I also dig the tangible quality of the fabric, the hardware, the leather, etc. I sometimes worry about the informality of canvas vice leather, since I often wear suits, but I think it's good enough looking to be ok. Besides, as I mentioned before, I've priced myself out of leather briefcases, meaning I'm too much of a snob to...
I recently picked up a tan 257 from a forum member. Paid what I consider to be a decent price for a mint bag, $210. Anyway, my wife found the Paypal invoice and challenged me as to how that bag could possibly be worth that much money. For her, it's just a canvas bag. I was at a loss, for I don't think I can explain the bag's appeal, nor does my views on quality and sourcing mean much to her. To me, it's not just a canvas bag. It's a thing of beauty, and an object of...
Now that the season of sales has begun, where am i likely to get the best deal on a 257, or what ever they call it these days?
Go for it, if you have that ability. You must find having two threads a nuisance.
Thanks for the tip.Would a belt treated with that leather stuff stain khaki chinos?
I want to buy one good quality flannel shirt. What d'yall think of this one, by Best Made Company: Here's the link to the page: http://www.bestmadeco.com/collections/clothing/products/flannel-pullover
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