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Actually that's for White Tie.
Albam Clothing may be of interest to you, they have W28 on their site, you can read more about them here:
I got a bunch of buttons in different colours with a K. Jacket I ordered from them, one of each color and not the same buttons as the one on the jacket. Does anyone know what these are for?
Here's a dissection of a pair: If you don't read french, google translate is your friend: Just select language, paste in the URL and hit return.
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT BTW with I can access Twitter just fine, something which is normally banned here in China. So now I can tell the whole world what I'm having for breakfast. Interesting, makes me wonder if would work(amnesty international).
There's probably not much you can do about it other than wait for it to start working again, it's probably beyond your control. Maybe you could call some kind of technical support? You might be able to access the sites indirectly by using a proxy-service, like the site: Just type in th adress in the textfield on the site(this is normaly used as an anonymizing service).
Sounds like you are partly disconected from the Internet, it could be an error higher up in the hiearcy that affects both networks. You could try to type the following command in the Terminal tool(it is located in Applications->Utilies->Terminal): Code: traceroute The command will now output a list of addresses that is on your route to the twitter-server. Since you are having trouble connecting to twitter the command will probably stop...
Might be aproblem with your Domain Name Server(DNS), can you open the twitter site by using the server IP-adress below?
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