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New Elephant 4's: http://instagram.com/p/jQ-4v4uGal/ features a 22oz blue weft x black warp with contrast stitching
another quick little review on the skinny 21oz's. They definitly dont feel like 21 oz going from my e2's. Im a 32 in the e2's and i tried these on and was a 31. They have more room in the crotch than the e2's skinny guy fit, other than that they're pretty much the same. They have a chainstitched hem, pockets, and some weird inside pocket denim thing too which the e2's didnt. I will say i like these a lot better than the 14.5 oz ones. Hopefully these will hold me over until...
ok quick question, In the n&f e2's i went tts 32 now the unbranded 121's the tagged 32's are actually 33.5 should i still go tts on these?
skinny guys, slim guys are like 514's
there is nothing absurd about a 36 inseam...
ok so the general rule(take it with a grain of salt) is to go tts on skinny guys and down 1-2 on weird guys. Some people like to go tts on wg's but they are usually a bit bigger in the waist. Id best describe the skinny guys as a 511 fit, theyre skinny but not ball dick ass skinny as 510's. weird guys on the other hand would be some 513's. As always your best bet is to go into the store and try a pair on if possible. and look up the size charts on BlueOwl if you cant, that...
To tell you the truth, practically any other brand lmao. I have the same problem with the rise, in all honesty its just how the brand fits.(i have wg's and a couple of skinny guys) Id say check out some imperial shearer's. theyre a slim straight fit with a higher rise and a nice tapper at the knee down, so its some what of a similar fit to the N&F wg's and Unbranded tapers.my homeboy has a pair and they fade beautifully and he went with the black ones. I dont believe they...
unbranded tapered fit should be a better fit in terms of the cuff, but as far as the rise they are practically the same. skinny guys=skinny weird guys= tapereds slim guys= slim maybe check blue owl for measurements on both to help. And in all honesty, its kind of hard to find a slimmer fitting jean in 38 hope this helps
ahh my mistake , see if your local tailor can chain stitch em back up for you
shoot an e-mail to n&f, shouldnt happen on some almost new pants
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