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If you wear a size 40R jacket then you would wear a size 40 vest.
WAHOO WAH . Manton is THE MAN. Somebody's got to set the standards. For my two cents ($0.02) Manton is a better authority on how to dress properly than Alan Flusser ever dreamt of being. You can go ahead and break the rules once you know what the rules are and Manton is the authority in that regard.
Love the jacket.Hate the pants. Right very Steve McQueen in the 'The Thomas Crown Affair'. I want a suit coat JUST LIKE THAT.
I have lots of cardigans and what I call sweater vests both buttoning and non. I really do not care whether these items are 'in' or not.The sweater vests work better if you're going to wear a sportcoat.
I see no reason why the ascot should be relegated to the dustbin of history. The ascot serves two useful purposes. It keeps the neck warm when wearing an open collar and it keeps the neck largely invisible. This is a good thing for men of a certain age.
Robert Talbott made some exquisite sweater vests this season and last. A vest type sweater vest with five buttons and pointy bottom. Unfortunately for you I scarfed up all that I could find, thinking that I would never see them again. I am seeing that Talbott is doing them again this spring in summery colors.
Yes ,clarinetplayer, that was a cool vest and Johnny Depp got mileage out of that watch chain too. Perhaps I could get a picture and take it to my local tailor. IMHO there are lots of 'historical' styles that would work today. Maybe I should pose that question on this august forum.
Now that I think about it, I have two basic looks. First, the everyday 'don't- want- to- think- about- what- I'm- wearing- on- my- way- to- the- hardware- store- and- post- office' look. And secondly the '1930s-Anglo-American-dandy-Fred-Astaire-wannabe-Yes-I-own-and-wear-ascots-waistcoats-wa tchchains-and bowlers' look.This is my favorite.
Thanks. Now I have some new places to add to my old favorites.
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