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Holy shit the railroad linen is fantastic
I have to post pictures of my kudus. They age beautifully and are tough as nails
Hmm, yep, I didn't think so. Cute!
How about you put your money where your mouth is?I'll insure your purchase for $100.I mean, if you've already paid and you're sure you're not getting your jacket, you may as well get me to reimburse you, right?
Hamel and i made the pilgrimage to Mauro's place in DC yesterday. The man is legit. Can't wait for the new chinos. And SCOOP NECKSSSSS
Reiterating: all in for a daypack in navy or grey. The black is too harsh against my beloved light whiskey dr =(
Mauro, are you still planning to do the scoop necks? I love the tees but the neckline is too tight for me =(
In for the daypack in a non-black color, or suede harrington, or peacoat
Hey guys, I managed to find one of these sick bags for sale. Unfortunately there was a mixup - I wanted indigo, but they sent me ash black, which was also their last of any variety. I just got it yesterday, and it's sat in its box ever since I saw it was the wrong color. I'm listing here just in case someone wants to get at it before I return it to the vendor. The bag itself is obviously amazing. Awesome thick nubuck, persimmon/ash dyed silk/cotton, metal hardware,...
$200 free tote wouldn't work. People wouldn't value it like they value a tote they buy, and it doesn't help people who want to try out the brand without sinking huge money into it. If you knock it out of the park with your lower-priced chinos, you'll have no problem selling the trousers. As it is, $200 (tote price) for a premium pair of pants based on only two model pics is a tough buy. But I'd do it for your shirts in a heartbeat because they're tried and true and I know...
New Posts  All Forums: