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The spreadsheet might have been an interesting experiment back in the days when there were fewer orders and mostly from forum users. As it is, it's dominated by people who haven't received jackets. You feel frustrated and powerless, and the spreadsheet offers some tiny recourse. Hell I've ordered and received 3 items since June 2013 and haven't bothered to fill them in. Why would the happy customers bother?
Also just got a daypack and small wallet without prior tracking. Thanks drew, thanks charly =)
Do you polish yours often? I've got the same boots, and mine are way less shiny, even though I've cleaned them with renovateur once or twice.
Masculinity is part of it, I'm sure. But I think it's mostly just the internet. Quality (ostensibly) represents an objective way for comparing two articles of clothing, hence the huge suit rankings you mention. And for a beginner - the novice who is googling what to wear - that's great, because it's easy. I want a leather jacket - which one do I get? How do I choose? Easy, I get the highest quality one. It will be the best, by definition. The hypothetical novice may...
The kudu jumper is in my top 3 clothing purchases of all time, for sure. The leather is tough as nails, soft, and ages beautifully. You don't need to baby it at all.That said, I dress much more casually than most of yall
Holy shit the railroad linen is fantastic
I have to post pictures of my kudus. They age beautifully and are tough as nails
Hmm, yep, I didn't think so. Cute!
How about you put your money where your mouth is?I'll insure your purchase for $100.I mean, if you've already paid and you're sure you're not getting your jacket, you may as well get me to reimburse you, right?
Hamel and i made the pilgrimage to Mauro's place in DC yesterday. The man is legit. Can't wait for the new chinos. And SCOOP NECKSSSSS
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