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Masculinity is part of it, I'm sure. But I think it's mostly just the internet. Quality (ostensibly) represents an objective way for comparing two articles of clothing, hence the huge suit rankings you mention. And for a beginner - the novice who is googling what to wear - that's great, because it's easy. I want a leather jacket - which one do I get? How do I choose? Easy, I get the highest quality one. It will be the best, by definition. The hypothetical novice may...
The kudu jumper is in my top 3 clothing purchases of all time, for sure. The leather is tough as nails, soft, and ages beautifully. You don't need to baby it at all.That said, I dress much more casually than most of yall
Holy shit the railroad linen is fantastic
I have to post pictures of my kudus. They age beautifully and are tough as nails
Hmm, yep, I didn't think so. Cute!
How about you put your money where your mouth is?I'll insure your purchase for $100.I mean, if you've already paid and you're sure you're not getting your jacket, you may as well get me to reimburse you, right?
Hamel and i made the pilgrimage to Mauro's place in DC yesterday. The man is legit. Can't wait for the new chinos. And SCOOP NECKSSSSS
Reiterating: all in for a daypack in navy or grey. The black is too harsh against my beloved light whiskey dr =(
Mauro, are you still planning to do the scoop necks? I love the tees but the neckline is too tight for me =(
In for the daypack in a non-black color, or suede harrington, or peacoat
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