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There's nothing wrong by being sexually aroused by others people plight.
I'm literally pissing myself laughing. This is amazing. How so many pretentious, pre-madonnas can fork over so much cash blindly and then not do anything but play keyboard commando and bitch about being shafted. Mauro, the feragamo dude, both have laid out specifically what you should do, but like the previous 5k posts bitching and crying about waiting for clothing THAT WILL NEVER ARRIVE, you tools are just ignoring what anyone else is writing and just continuing to...
⬆️ This leads to the next.Can you blame him? The just pure number of fucksticks asking ridiculous and obnoxious questions they would never dare to ask other designers who don't care or pay half the attention Mauro does. I'm amazed he's stuck around this long.
What's an Austin Martin?
Your chest is smaller than Paul's waist
I have a firm grip. I'm calling out idiocy, not standing up for imaginary internet friends.
Who gives a shit? You're a rewards member it means nothing no you're getting an amazing deal.Too many people are doing petty bitching and nitpicking.Spend your fucking money, and shut the fuck up.Or don't, and get the fuck out.😘😘😘😘
Can't any tailor, anywhere, do that for $10?
Well then it's a good thing he was looking your opinion then.100% correct. And yes I'm fully aware this was already addressed, but given the attention span of more than a few in this thread it should be readdressed.Mauro, the shoes are amazing. Confortable as all get out, perfect with the socks. I have a wider foot (EEE) and frankly I don't even notice with these on. I'm outting as much time as I can in them, but given Boston has been The fucking North Pole these past few...
Beta Release of Navy With the socks. This is some sharp shit. I hope you secured some for yourself.
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