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Neither of those are good excuses. Dress better, lie about job and borrow dad's car. mauro's clothes will be enough to get you laid. Priorities man! Priorities!!
http://Www.themanual.com Spectacular writeup on WvG, if hasn't already been posted. Check it out, share some love not stuck in this forum.
All military had them for Dress-colors. It's keeps you looking sharp as shit. Both Air Force and Navy handed them out for me.
True to size
Why the fuck would I be coming? I can't stand any of you dumpster whores over text, I'd kill you all in person.
https://secure.huckberry.com/store/wolf-vs-goat As always a loving write-up and sell for mauro's stuff. Even with huckberry's discounts, loyalty pays out in spades. Buy a tote and join.
Busy that weekend.
Mauro.... Still haven't received my shirt from the contest! Also, Bduece, pay your debts.
New Posts  All Forums: