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PM him here several times. Then text and call him nonstop. That's your best bet.
Paul, he should check with me Everytime. It's only reasonable. Krish, it's not your money, what do you care. Mauro, I never existed, therefor I couldn't be dead. However, the denim project looks promising.
Not one of those pics had the Chino's in them. You're old Mauro. Old Old Old.
Mauro, the toteholder and b-day codes aren't stacking. Should I call, text, and PM you?
I can actually see the vein in your forehead from here. It's hypnotic.
Neither of those are good excuses. Dress better, lie about job and borrow dad's car. mauro's clothes will be enough to get you laid. Priorities man! Priorities!!
http://Www.themanual.com Spectacular writeup on WvG, if hasn't already been posted. Check it out, share some love not stuck in this forum.
All military had them for Dress-colors. It's keeps you looking sharp as shit. Both Air Force and Navy handed them out for me.
New Posts  All Forums: