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Teddy?washdc@aldenshoe.comphone 202 347 2308cheerioJoachim
Mates, may i tease you with my new MTO Shell Cordovan No. 4 Belt made by SKYLAR No one-piece of course, but hand-stitched (Sattlerstich) and very nice art of "Rembordée" Edges.Matchy matchy to my No. 4/black Shell Saddles from J. Gilbert.cheerioJoachim
Hi sevenfoldtieguy - rydenfan,well - i wondered myself a bit - the fit in the 1/2 smaller Suede PTB was snuggy but definitely better than in my ususal size.The unlined Shell No. 8 PTB i ordered yesterday at Alden DC i decided my usual Barrie size neverthless because Shell doesn't stretch that much.cheerioJoachim
Dear Alden Fellows, I had the luck to get a pair of unlined Tan Suede PTB Dover Pattern at my local/German Alden stockist. The shoes are marked with 29332F. I bought them 1/2 size smaller and same width as all other Barrie lasted Aldens. The sales agent wasn't sure on what last these shoes are built. Could anyone confirm these are Barrie lasted shoes, please? cheerio Joachim PS After i stumbled about the information a few pages ago Alden DC offers the unlined PTB...
It's way to early in the morning to ask "why' all my boot tongues moved this way - at least all of them get rid off such FWP with the help of my decent cobbler with one or two tiny stitches time for 2nd cup of coffee cheerio Joachim
Just checked the Box. It shows Marlow. And for indication $ 795 - maybe this helps to figure out the age.
Bought them on this year in mint condition - can't say how old they are.No, i don't desire to get them darker.Flashlight enlightens them of course a bit although they look in natural light not as dark as shown by PDalso my C&J for RL unlided Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer don't appear so dark cheerioJoachim
Congratulations, Sazon! Stunnin' Beauties. cheerio Joachim
OK - than i understand why you plan to use the Saphir dark brown shell cordovan cream on your Marlows if you want to add a bit of colour.For my shade of brown no way - i do like it so much - that's why i use the light brown Burgol to keep it.cheerioJoachim
"Papa Doble" You guys know more than me on this subject, but with this reasoning, wouldn't medium brown, as opposed to light brown, be the correct choice for dark brown shoes? I guess I don't understand why you would go all the way down to light brown for dark brown shoes. evidence in practice     @ sevenfoldtieguy - are your Marlows darker than mine?
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