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I am delighted - just received this Boglioli buttersoft K-Jacket and would like to thank you for this kind and smooth transaction. An absolutely reliable person to deal with - outstanding service and kind conversation. Kind regards Joachim
Gents,thank you all for your reviews and assessments. If i am able to clearify i will let you know.cheerioJoachim
Gents, some sunday eycandy - my latest aquisitions. Do you mind to determine lasts, please? Pretty shure the 2 black ones are on the U last. I'm a bit confused about the markings inside the shoes. Beneath the size all 4 pair of shoes shows "F" - does this declare the width? I think it must due to the different style of lasts, don't it? Except the Cognac Captoe which is marked "Albi" all other are marked with "Attila" - guess this are the names of the...
Pls PM mail address
...double post ....
Hi Namor,pls check your email - sent you 11.5 D + 11.5 CcheerioJoachim
Well, don't know if available in the US FALKE Invisible Step € 8 p.p. - they never slipp special knitting and small silicon heel pads
Hello Ilovelobbs,hello Concordia,thank you - yepp my CRK's are build on the Ugolini LastcheerioJoachim
Hello blue collar,the original Poster from the British government shows "Keep calm and carry on" in 1939 in the UK - actually hip these daysWiki LinkcheerioJoachim
Thank you Dan. Guess yours are build on the F-Last.Wear in good health.cheerioJoachim
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