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Thanks for the tips. I was hoping to get the watch at a store...souvenir, ya know. Actually, I just recently bought a high end replica watch. It is a copy of a Breguet Heritage. My Dad, who is a watch nut, was blown away by the quality of the watch. He owns an real Omega Seamaster and is very familiar with high end watches. It is quite hefty and flawlessly marked with all the factory engravings. I got it from for $ 180 ...which sure beats $9000 for...
Gdawg Yup. In the beginning that is what happened. Your body adapts to the increased fluid still go alot...but not as bad as at first. It was worth it
I am heading to NYC on Wednesday. Where are some good places to get discount designer clothes? My Dad is wanting a replica Rolex ( a good one $200+). Where can I find one?
In the last issue of Men's Health, there was an article on how to lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks. The diet part was pretty unsavory.(4 cups of celery every day..eww) BUT. They had a good idea that I used. They told you to drink 1 ounce (30ml) of water per pound of current body weight. They said that by doing this ALONE you could lose 5 lbs over 3 weeks. I tried it ...and it worked..
My new personal favorite is Givenchy pour Homme. I have a problem with colognes vanishing half an hour after putting them on. This one has some staying power and is very light. My other personal favorite is Aqua di Gio. It smells like watermelon to me... i love it.
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