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^but it's a white bag...
surprised the Brown Cameraman hasn't been snatched up, but can understand why at that price. Some older hard-to-find pieces but they're not going to move at those prices.
Maybe cool in theory, but in practice, those are fugly. I can't imagine anyone wearing them with a straight face.
I also live in Denver, and I think it's not that cold and getting the antarctic parka would definitely be overkill. I previously moved from Minnesota where it gets really really cold (often in the negative Fahrenheit degrees). I have the Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer Kara Koram Jacket and i did not need to layer in Minnesota, but I highly doubt i'd ever use this jacket in Denver.
Wow, these are cool!
NC women sale on Marrkt
lol, 2 years too late, brother.
Is this a good deal?
Tough call, chocolate brown suede shoes are hard to pull off.
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