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Grabbed the longer version of the Geller Seconds drop-rise sweatpants. Is that a good deal?I hope it fits me like the pic.
I'm looking for the Snow Leopard head shirt in Medium, new or used. Get at me
Some decent sales on Need Supply for the smaller folks (XS, S)
I concur. Ventless makes me feel like a high schooler wearing it.
affordable knockoff http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/saturdays-surf-nyc-colorblock-hooded-%22zac%22-jacket-503390018.html?index=2&cgid=whs-men-clearance
Thanks for answering question, Paul.Have you decided on the color yet? I live in the extreme cold region so I'm only looking at the 10-ply.
How do you size your sweater? I'm a 38" chest and am looking at those tuck-stitch crewneck (10-ply?), should i go for a S or M?
is Marrkt's listed shoes size in UK or US?
Anyone knows if this is US or UK sizing? Is it US "C" width?
Her hair was way distracting
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