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Thanks, was able to squeeze in 2 items before everything sold out.
Thanks, I grabbed the oxford shirt in S, hopefully it fits my 38" chest and 5'9" height. And 20 GBP for shipping to USA hurts.
Their knitwear looks like it's made by Canadian Sweater Company, which you can easily find on sale online (e.g. American Apparel) or eBay.I own one and it's actually not that warm compared to Inverallan.
has this been posted?
^go for a 46, 48 will be too big for u. I'm a 38 chest and I can go for a 46, and 48 is roomy for me to fit a thick sweater or jacket underneath
End clothing has a 15% off sale code ALLGONE, thoughts on grabbing those collab GV colors or wait for further drops?
anyone knows if EndClothing's GBV sale will go down further or is this as good as it gets? Any prediction of when?
Who'd like to be crowned? https://www.etsy.com/listing/213388276/
Love this rugged look. What color/material is this?
Yes.And yes, not many retailers carry small collar. I read that only South Willard, imogene + willie and COC (what's this stand for) stock them.
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