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Yes.And yes, not many retailers carry small collar. I read that only South Willard, imogene + willie and COC (what's this stand for) stock them.
different folks different strokes.smaller collar at willard = 2.5" instead of the standard 3"Imo, I like the small collar better because it looks cuter and reminds me of Patrik Ervell-type of shirt. Regular collar do accentuate manliness though. Depends on what you are going for.I'd actually pay more to get small collar because they are more rare.Question is, will South Willard go down further? Or will they give out free shipping at some point? I hate that $14...
Up to 50%
Thoughts on these? Altan Bottier - Asymmetrical Double Monk http://www.laboutique-altanbottier.com/products/derby-15693
30% off F/W'14 GBV small-collar at South Willard That indigo red pin dot shirt
RL Black Label Navy Peak Lapel Blazer 42R, I bet she'd take an offer
A few hours left on a Grey Caruso suit, size 42 (fit small) http://www.ebay.com/itm/331406980640
+1.Minimalism, quality, fit. Been exploring interesting but different colors like Yellow Mustard.
Can someone speak about how the quality of the linen oxford on Gilt compares to the regular thick Winter oxford?
For those who have handled both, can you compare the Everest vs. the Eddie Bauer collab--the Kara Koram parka to justify the price difference? Is it just that the Everest is made in England and the Kara Koram parka is made in Canada--cheaper labor?
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