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+1 seriously
Nah I bet it's after New Year. Normally it starts around 5am EST on either Thursday or Sunday after New Year.
Never seen a Lauren RL with pick stitching
Just received my Wide Lapel Cashmere jacket. The jacket is beautiful and everything fits perfectly except the sleeve seems a bit long (not the proper length of a suit jacket). Is it weird that I want to get the jacket sleeves taken in? The cuff buttons are functional. For those who own the Mallory or the Business jackets, did you alter the sleeves for a proper fit (showing half an inch of your shirt's cuff)?
Horween Shell Cordovan King's Size Color 8 Plain Toe Blucher Alden Bags 13.5E for $274 Alden 954 Color 8 Burgundy Shell Cordovan Monkstrap Aberdeen Loafer 13.5A $700 for $149
I almost went for that Maroon cricket blazer but too bad it's made from cotton...
Urghhh someone bought that indigo vest when I had it in my cart Grabbed the cashmere wide lapel instead. How's the sizing on that jacket for those who have it?
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