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5'11" @ 185lbs (Current) Bench: 365 Military: 275 Dead: 480 Front Squat: 245 Stalling Out & it's SO frustrating! Advice? Going A2G & bare-footed has left me completely humbled.
i can't imagine popping 20 pills for 20g of BCAA. just go instantized powder form, usually offered in 2:1:1, but occasionally 4:1:1, and now 8:1:1 (USPL)
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Everyone there is very white including the Asiatics. Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon On a serious note, if you're a beer drinker, the Rose and Crown is right off University. It is a bit filthy, but arguably the best beer bar in the Bay Area outside of SF. If you prefer consuming wine or spirits at home, Beltramo's on El Camino is always worth a visit. I can't think of much in...
Okay I lied, $65 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Table/countertop is what I learned (directly) from Jacques Pepin. reduces chances of contamination versus a sharp edge.
final price drop.
price lowered.
price lowered.
For grabs is a Like New EG 19th Century BD Shirt in a size Extra Large. Purchased at Bloomingdale's a few seasons ago. I never had a chance to wear it and have lost weight on top of this so I figured someone else can put this shirt to use. Sizing is from Context: Shoulder 2 Shoulder: 19" Pit 2 Pit: 23.5" Sleeve: 27.5" Length: 32" (Picture via timboplete) Let's go ahead and do this for $75 shipped OBO.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz How are ye Americans putting together EC stacks? Can you buy ephedra online anywhere? yea, someone answer this question.
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