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another price drop, $85!
still too much? $95!
price drop!
Too much? Let's do $110 Shipped.
price drop!
All garments are in like new condition, minus wrinkles. Detail Shot Visvim Shortsleeve V-Neck XL - $50 Pit 2 Pit: 22 I don't know how to describe the shirt but it has a second garment sewn inside. You can see it in the detail shot above. Different Angle Visvim Zahra Size 11 - $100 The suede has a decent amount of indigo stain, but I've had them professionally cleaned before and the indigo comes off.
5'11" @ 185lbs (Current) Bench: 365 Military: 275 Dead: 480 Front Squat: 245 Stalling Out & it's SO frustrating! Advice? Going A2G & bare-footed has left me completely humbled.
i can't imagine popping 20 pills for 20g of BCAA. just go instantized powder form, usually offered in 2:1:1, but occasionally 4:1:1, and now 8:1:1 (USPL)
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Everyone there is very white including the Asiatics. Quote: Originally Posted by I<3Bacon On a serious note, if you're a beer drinker, the Rose and Crown is right off University. It is a bit filthy, but arguably the best beer bar in the Bay Area outside of SF. If you prefer consuming wine or spirits at home, Beltramo's on El Camino is always worth a visit. I can't think of much in...
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