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10,000 kCal is a true feat. This is all I can muster up.
Quote: Originally Posted by connor i will forever wear kirkland signature white t's. long, thick, slim, i love them. better than any T ive ever bought anywhere else Agreed. I wish there was a slightly lighter version for mega hot days.
Kiya, I have to bring in a pair of jeans and a pair of jean shorts from last year's denim party for repair. still $40 each?
eBay. Buy them in packages of 6. Drink 1, keep 1, and make 4 friends happy.
Bay Area Residents: Where are you going for SF Beer Week to drink what?
Quote: Originally Posted by edwinl Just to check, is there a billfold compartment? Yesthere is. Please pm me if you have further questions or if you are interested in purchasing.
another price drop, $85!
still too much? $95!
price drop!
Too much? Let's do $110 Shipped.
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