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Bay Area Residents: Where are you going for SF Beer Week to drink what?
Quote: Originally Posted by edwinl Just to check, is there a billfold compartment? Yesthere is. Please pm me if you have further questions or if you are interested in purchasing.
another price drop, $85!
still too much? $95!
price drop!
Too much? Let's do $110 Shipped.
price drop!
All garments are in like new condition, minus wrinkles. Detail Shot Visvim Shortsleeve V-Neck XL - $50 Pit 2 Pit: 22 I don't know how to describe the shirt but it has a second garment sewn inside. You can see it in the detail shot above. Different Angle Visvim Zahra Size 11 - $100 The suede has a decent amount of indigo stain, but I've had them professionally cleaned before and the indigo comes off.
5'11" @ 185lbs (Current) Bench: 365 Military: 275 Dead: 480 Front Squat: 245 Stalling Out & it's SO frustrating! Advice? Going A2G & bare-footed has left me completely humbled.
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