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Most of these shirts have been worn a couple (2) times at most and are in Like New condition. They simply don't fit me anymore. JCrew Blue/Red Check in 2-Ply Cotton (Pit to Pit = 22.5) JCrew Blue/Red/Grey/White Tailored Fit (Pit to Pit = 22.5 Trovata Blue/Red/White Size L (Pit to Pit = 22.5) Levi's Green Red Regular Fit Size XL (Pit to Pit = 24) I'm asking $35 for all 4 shirts.
Really nice BOO striped oxford in a size 2 for $73.50 + 20% off VAT + $10 shipping on TBS. getitgetit.
right now I'm 180. I can pull off 4 reps on mediocre days, 5 when things click? after that, i just get stuck halfway.
Deadlift 500lbs. Chinup BW + 100lbs x 7+ Stop squatting like a pansy. All @ 175lbs BW.
I want your Daiki era Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland shirts in size Large. Holla! Looking for any of these colors:
So I was able to snag a pair of these from The Corner's Cyber Monday Sale and decided that I don't want these. These are brand new and comes with CP shoe bag + extra laces. Pictures can be seen here. I'm asking for $195 (Cost + Shipping) via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation.
180 Shipped in the CON.US. These jeans are in like new condition. I tried them on and wished they were a size 32 waist. Still fuzzy/hairy with attached green tab. BUY THESE SO I CAN PURCHASE JEANS FROM BiG! Check out the pictures located here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/epitomenugen/sets/72157627821607372/ This is how they evolve (courtesy of Kiya's friend): http://thatchland.com/denim/sc_hawaii/sc_hawaii_1.jpg One-washed measurements courtesy of Selfedge: Waist:...
Size: XL, Pit 2 Pit: 23 Color: Brown/White Condition: Like New Reason: Too big! Tidbit: Has a really cool hidden pocket on the left chest pocket I'm selling another EG Shirt. Buy both and I'll throw in the Trovata Shirt for free!
Size: XL, Pit 2 Pit: 23 Color: Blue/Red Tartan Condition: Like New Reason: Too big! I'm selling another EG Shirt. Buy both and I'll throw in the Trovata Shirt for free!
Pro: statistically better than most (maybe all) multi vitamins. Cons: more expensive, 11 pills The serving size listed is for 2 packets/day. You really only need to take one. That's still expensive for 5.5 weeks of multi v's. If you don't think you're hitting your micros and taking in decent stomac flora, I recommend this + fix the original problem.
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