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I have some grey high top cap toes for sale. Please looking st my for sale items for pictures.
For sale is an EG Engineer's Jacket in Navy Melton Wool in pristine condition. It's been hanging in the closet in a dust bag most of its life. Details: Pit to pit is a 23.5. Shoulder - 19" Length - 28.5" Sleeve - 27" (shoulder seam to end of cuff) 18" (armpit seam to end of cuff) Perfect for layering pieces. I really don't know what to price this at and I'm in no rush to get it off my hands either so I'll go with $145 + Shipping. WINTER IS COMING.
This sweater was made by Loopwheeler Japan to celebrate Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear)'s 20th Anniversary. The sweater's been worn at most a handful of times and has been cold washed/hung dry. It's a beautiful sweater but just don't find myself wearing it enough. Would like to pass it on to someone else that would. Pit to pit is 22" but the Loopwheeler terry cotton forms to the body after a couple wears and reshrinks when washed. I'm asking $90 Shipped.
Most of these shirts have been worn a couple (2) times at most and are in Like New condition. They simply don't fit me anymore. JCrew Blue/Red Check in 2-Ply Cotton (Pit to Pit = 22.5) JCrew Blue/Red/Grey/White Tailored Fit (Pit to Pit = 22.5 Trovata Blue/Red/White Size L (Pit to Pit = 22.5) Levi's Green Red Regular Fit Size XL (Pit to Pit = 24) I'm asking $35 for all 4 shirts.
Really nice BOO striped oxford in a size 2 for $73.50 + 20% off VAT + $10 shipping on TBS. getitgetit.
right now I'm 180. I can pull off 4 reps on mediocre days, 5 when things click? after that, i just get stuck halfway.
Deadlift 500lbs. Chinup BW + 100lbs x 7+ Stop squatting like a pansy. All @ 175lbs BW.
I want your Daiki era Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland shirts in size Large. Holla! Looking for any of these colors:
So I was able to snag a pair of these from The Corner's Cyber Monday Sale and decided that I don't want these. These are brand new and comes with CP shoe bag + extra laces. Pictures can be seen here. I'm asking for $195 (Cost + Shipping) via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation.
180 Shipped in the CON.US. These jeans are in like new condition. I tried them on and wished they were a size 32 waist. Still fuzzy/hairy with attached green tab. BUY THESE SO I CAN PURCHASE JEANS FROM BiG! Check out the pictures located here: This is how they evolve (courtesy of Kiya's friend): One-washed measurements courtesy of Selfedge: Waist:...
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