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Up for sale is a hardly worn pair of EG pants. I am selling because they haven't fit for a LONG time. They are a poplin-light material that is meant to be worn on mild to hot days. There is slight damage on the cinch that can easily be repaired or ignored as it will be covered up and/or not effect the ability to cinch. The pant has a crotch gusset so i've included measurements from the behind the gusset and measurements from the front of the gusset. These pants can pass...
how versatile are these? jeans > trousers > suit ?
I am selling these because these pairs are extras! I liked these pants so much that I had to have one as a spare for wear years later! The pant's durability has convinced me to sell this unworn pair. Please note I do not have the original tags anymore. Aitor Throup teams up with Umbro on a collection entitled "Archive Research Project." He takes classic Umbro Football (Soccer) silhouettes and puts his twist on them. The name of the game with these pieces is FULL...
More pictures of this sexy beast.
Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does the BCDR leather look less substantial (thick) than the DR? It might just be the limited BCDR pics in the gallery. School me.
You are looking at White Mountaineering's Wardrobe Line Oxford Button Down in a Size 3 (Large equivalent). The item is Brand New with Tags. Part of the 'Wardrobe' range of premium staple items, the Oxford BD shirt is constructed from a premium cotton, and features tonal cloth-covered metal buttons, a buttoned chest pockets, and a button down collar. As always with white mountaineering the quality and finnish is exceptional. 100% Cotton Construction Fabric Covered Metal...
Up for sale is a twice worn, Stone Island Shadow Project Moleskin-R 3L Peacoat in a size XL. Description: 40101 CATEGORY RESIST_PEACOAT_MOLESKIN-R 3L [BONDED CO MOLESKIN WITH KNIT HAND GAITERS] MOLESKIN-R 3L is a marriage of apparent opposites. The beauty and open structure of the face cotton nylon moleskin fabric is combined with the practicality and protection of a windproof, waterproof, and breathable membrane and backed with thermo taped seams. The resulting...
Need a jacket. Leather preferrably. Doesn't need armor. What are you guys wearing?
There was a brief discussion on which jackets would look best on which body type a few pages back, but that was short lived. I'm in the same boat as you regarding frame (except I'm looking at the Moto, BCDR, or DR(unlikely, look-wise)).In a perfect world, mrchariybrown would model for meatheads that want to get jcoppidged.
Anyone with a jacket with armor inserts care to post pictures + give input?
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