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I'm in, lately it seems I've been dreaming up holes in my wardrobe to justify anything that catches my interest. Hopefully a month off will give me some time to reevaluate.
In the field right now, single button black suit. Priced high though $45. Kop or not? It's too small for me
Ok guys I have some really cool Summer blazer/sport coat options for you guys. Everything is available to thread regulars at, what I'm given to understand, is the Thrift thread hook up price (IE half ebay value based on sold listings).First up is a staple, an excellent Polo by Ralph Lauren Made in Italy by Corneliani 3/2 Cotton Blazer in Khaki. 1/2 lined and center vented. No shoulder padding. Tagged 46R but please check the measurements. [[SPOILER]] Second an awesome...
Hey guys I just want to say I love this thread and I've been reading it from the beginning for the last three months (currently on page 368/675). I mainly thrift for myself and don't live in a big city so my finds are nothing like a lot of what I see here (did find my first Charvet tie today though!). I did come across this pair of Brooks Brothers cotton trousers in the wildest print that I picked up just for curiosity this morning. Does anyone know what they are? I can't...
I'm on mobile so I can't see your location but did you find that around the Cleveland area? I find a fair amount of Kilgore Trout and it's always high end well made stuff. I've been meaning to drop in to the store sometime soon.
Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately the only other tag anywhere on the jacket was the Loro Piana Super 120's label, not even a size mark. Could it be mtm?
New guy here, I've been lurking and reading this thread for a couple weeks. These are the highlights of what I've found so far. I live in a smaller town so the pickings aren't as great as what you guys are finding in LA or Chicago (pretty sure no one around here has even heard of Tom Ford haha). Can anyone tell me anything about the Dino Baldini? I bought it because it was 1) Made in Italy 2) Fully Canvassed 3) Had Surgeon's cuffs. It also seems to have a lot of handwork,...
running Windows 7 with rocketdock and custom icons
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