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O balls ... am I too late? Bleh, busy today, sorry sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Great sales pitch YFYF! Heh, I tell it like it is! I broke my small hand wound one because I am a klutz and I dropped it while changing the time.
I have had two Max Bills, great looking watches but nothing special. The crystal is very susceptible to scratches. if you check some EU sellers, they have better prices than what you're looking at on Designer Time. Also, if you're interested, I have a black face Chronoscope I'm looking to sell on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Interesting blog post on the batter saving effects of choosing a black background wallpaper over a white background one: The brightness used for the white background chews up 5.8x more battery power than the black background. Note, this only works on OLED. Regular LCD is basically a big colour-changing filter over a backlight, the backlight is...
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Opened page and immediately liked yfyf's submission. Scrolled down, scrolled down, scrolled down and kept thinking yfyf proposed this just because he knew he would win it. Then hit Orgetorix. BAM! My vote goes to yfyf, Orgetorix, Parker, and UC. Four way tie because they're all too good. Wait... I'm eligible? I thought I wasn't eligible, I just threw a photo up because I had one handy. If I knew I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia Still on the move, still living out of a suitcase.... Tot ziens. Over and out. Very baller.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches is a brooding emotionaly detached attitude neccesary in the challenge Only if it matches your post modern pocket square.
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