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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm drakes in brown university colors. how much? HKD 1,200 (= USD 155), we have them available in both 7cm and 9cm widths.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Mark, Who made the tan coat? I think the keyhole buttonhole doesn't look good on lapel and also too short, just MHO. Made by La Vera. The shortness of the buttonhole is very much their thing, having seen your coats I'm sure it's not to your taste. You are right though, the work on this buttonhole is a bit dodgy.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thanks - they are quite unusual, actually. I wore the white with the numbers today - and when I unfolded it from the factory package, they are rectangular, and the edges are raw, not rolled. Mark, how do you suggest your clients to wear these? The size is a bit hard for a "puff n stuff", but good for a TV fold. Just stick with that? I dont know the names of the patterns, but the blue looks like snowmen (?) and...
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar is there an RSS feed for the blog? There is one for the Tumblr:
Quote: Originally Posted by kcc yfyf, Your Liveran & Liverano suit is settling pretty well. I just adore the quarters and rounded edges of their coats Thank you! I'm quite keen on it myself, one of my favourite suits though I need to take a bit off the sleeves.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy The pair of Carminas I was interested in isn't available in my size! Do they frequently restock these? Contact us at, we can have a look for you. A new shipment arrived on Friday restocking certain lines. Quote: Originally Posted by xiaoli i got my pair of brown captoes yesterday. they seem to have already been creased just behind the cap. is this normal or was i...
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw [[SPOILER]] Very nice tie!
Quote: Originally Posted by Wongtouski YFYF Any info on the new ties you guys got? Been busy and haven't had the time to come in! We were just photographing last night, can show you a few raw images: All Drakes: Silk tussah, a type of raw silk, in a very deep purple. Blue with red and white check crystal weave silk. 36oz printed silk. Shantung silk, bone base with blue striping. Knit tie, yellow with blue...
Quote: Originally Posted by incontro Dear Team @ Armoury, It was a pleasure meeting all of you last week, esp Alan + Mark. It was a pleasant surprise to see a store of such calibre + point of difference in the midst of "everyting" in HKG. A must visit for any sartorially minded gents visiting or residing in HKG... Regards, I Thank you for coming and thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure to finally meet you!
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE With some more broguing I would swear those were on the Simpson last It's funny you mention that, there is a bit of a resemblance. Gaz's shoes actually look a bit more shaped in the body. Seeing good bespoke in the flesh is pretty interesting, the look of the shoe is quite distinctive if you know your shoes well. Fukaya's are among the best.
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