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Feel free to e-mail us, we do have them available, we can take the order over the phone. - info@thearmoury.com
Such bad timing, what a shame! Well, see you next time!Many thanks, very kind of you to say so!We aren't a PE house!Many thanks for your support from day 1!Thank you very much. We are not planning on anything in those three places for now but we do have something interesting coming up for London in December. More details to follow!
1 year anniversary on Oct 20th. Seems like yesterday ...We have a very nice gift prepared for our VIPs and have a quiet drinks thing at the shop on the night.In terms of new stock, just had the Orazio Luciano (La Vera) trunk show, they brought a few new bits and bobs.Ring Jacket trunk show is this weekend starting Friday, we are also working on a new collaboration with them, hopefully it will be ready for 2012!We don't have a bunch at our store in HK but WW Chan in Kowloon...
The suede chelseas are with a single leather sole. Our Carmina chukkas and suede brogues are with dainite soles if you need it. Or we can always do an MTO for you. Contact info@thearmoury.com for assistance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wongtouski I have a quick question for The Armoury guys here. If I'm getting a suit, say WW Chan/Ring Jacket (because I can't afford Liverano), would you guys do the actual fitting or take on a more "consulting" role in terms of style/fabric choice? Hi Wongtouski, We take initial measurements and provide advice, WW Chan sends a fitter over from their atelier in Tsim Sha Tsui for every fitting or you can go to their...
That's the creative head of United Arrows and the suit is a reddish dark brown. http://thearmoury.tumblr.com/post/66...-a-customer-of
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Well done on CNN, yfyf. San Q! It was a nice opportunity for me to ramble in public. Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Any idea when the Inca last double monks will be back in stock for sizes UK 9 and below? Looks like sooner than expected, as in by next week. Will keep the thread posted. Quote: Originally Posted by w.o.e.is.me. btw guys, what is that...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Awesome interview with Mark at Men of Habit... Mark, tell me about the tie you wore for this.... Just a plain, plum grenadine from Drakes. I have a couple of colours, great all purpose ties. http://www.drakes-london.com/woven-l...-silk-tie-1869
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo nice suit, don't think i've seen u post it before. Deets? Actually, it's one of my older ones, probably three years old. I had it made up in an old bolt of wool/polyester from the 70s by Scabal. They still do a similar book called the Caravelle. Say what you want about wool/poly but in certain situations and qualities, it can be an excellent fabric. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Regarding the double monks, we actually may have more in sooner that we expected, probably by the end of the month. Will keep the thread posted!
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