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Apologies for the e-mail mix up, is your name Mr Ba*****? Unfortunately it seems it went to our spam folder but Ethan should have replied you yesterday. Did you receive a response?Yes, you can do that. If you let us know what you are after, we can price it out for you.
Brollies will be back later this week, we are spring cleaning the webstore, quite a few neat things coming on this week.
My sincere apologies, this is indeed a very, very poor showing on our part and we have done a bad job in this case. Ethan will be in touch with you later today to try and resolve the situation to your satisfaction.
The tie isn't mandatory TA uniform but you know ... navy goes with everything ...The Armoury will be stocking a selection of the Drake's sport coats next Spring.As for the cuffs, it's never too late to cuff.
That Drake's olive sportcoat someone posted earlier. I think I took the only 36 available.
Sometime next week but it is possible to just contact and they can help you make an order over e-mail or telephone.
That photo is not from our store and that pair of shoes does not look like either G&G or Carmina. Were they advertised as such?Closest thing we have is this - - which is a semi-brogued oxford rather than a plain oxford. If you wanted to make a pair of G&G's that were roughly similar, the TG73 sharp square last using one of the brown aniline calf leathers on the "Oxford" style would get...
edit: wrong reference on my part, o the shame.
He borrowed Alan's. You have to be a relatively special snowflake to get an Armoury tie.He grows on you. Like a rash.I kid, Kai's a good guy.
The Inca last, Rain last or Robert last are all wider across the toes. For you, I suspect you would probably like the Rain last best. It has a decent chisel on the toe.
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