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Enjoying the new digs in London till Sunday, coming to the end of the first day!
We are starting our trunk show in London with Liverano and Nacky tomorrow until Sunday. It will be at: Rook & Raven 7/8 Rathbone Place Friday, Saturday - Open from 11AM - 7PM Sunday - Open from 2PM - 6PM Also, we now have stock of the O'Mast DVDs and will be sending them out next week. If you would like a copy even sooner, we will be selling them at the trunk show, feel free to come pick a copy up. If you would like to order...
Anything that is over 3k HKD and is described as "solid" is a solid stick umbrella (i.e. a walking stick with an umbrella attached). The "stick" umbrellas at around 1.2- 1.3k HKD are "two piece sticks" so wood shaft with a separate wood handle attached. They are a little lighter and smaller than a solid umbrella. Personally, I think they are a very nice alternative to the solid sticks.
I am not sure if you are being serious or not but for the sake of my fragile ego, I will assume that you are a genius judge of character and everything you say is nothing but the honest to god categorical truth. Thank you.:'(I put up some photos.Couple more photos on our blog.
I have a couple photos but they were very crappy. The shame. I post later.
Ack ... I waited at the entryway since 5 to say hello to whoever wanted to chat but I had to run around a bit to help organize.
That was what you were asking? I think some people misinterpreted it as - it's expensive, why? The discussion was pretty good, would have been nice to get a few more questions and grapple with the topics more but Prof. Albertini did a good job keeping it short and sweet, I think.
G, you were there? You should have said hello. I was standing next to Jason when the panel discussion started. I was in a grey three piece with a grey tie.Also, The Armoury is the exclusive retailer of the DVD, we will be putting up the page in the next few days, the DVD will be delivered in time for Christmas.
Hi, unfortunately we don't but try Kent Wang.
A quick little announcement: We are going to be doing a trunk show in London from December 9 - 11 with Liverano and Nackymade at the Rook & Raven gallery. If you would like to place an order, feel free to contact us at We have full details at the link below:
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