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Not till FW unfortunately, though we have some very small sizes in stock. Contact for more details.
I was in Shanghai for a few days, are you talking about a certain bar on Xing Le Road? (aka the best bar in the entire universe)FYI folks in London:We have our trunk show in London coming up next week, April 20 + 21. Liverano is coming for orders + bringing a good chunk of his RTW items for people to see. Carmina is coming for MTO orders plus we have two sizing runs of Simpson + Robert and a bunch of MTO samples. Nackymade is coming with all the crazy, wonderful glasses...
Quite worn, dainite sole, nice for inclement weather. Shipping not included, airmail from Hong Kong to anywhere USD 40.
Lightly worn, not quite right for my foot. Shipping not included, airmail from Hong Kong to anywhere USD 40. ** uploaded wrong photos before, updated now **
Lightly used, not sure of the last, but it's one of the more elongated Japan lasts. Shipping not included, airmail from Hong Kong to anywhere USD 40.
Screening went well, we sold out and then some, 140 people. Have a few photos on the blog (in my sig)Many thanks to all those who came!
Hi All, We (as in BB Esquire, The Armoury & Kid Dandy) are doing an O'Mast screening event in London on Thursday, Feb 2nd from 6.30pm. The event is being held at the Rook & Raven gallery on 7/8 Rathbone Place. Tickets are GBP 10 and drinks will be served. Hope to see you there! supposedly F Corb. will be in attendance via remote satellite link from the moon
Really? We have an SSL certificate and encrypted check out. O well, can always just call in the order over the telephone.
Good I'm glad you got it. I'm sorry the shipping for this is a bit murky, it's frustrating for us as well. Because a lot of people just want to buy the DVD from us, we had to find a way of shipping it that didn't cost as much as the DVD itself and so this was the best solution to get it to customers quickly but unfortunately not trackable.
Contact with your order details and we can try and figure out rough delivery time.The DVD is getting shipped out of the UK via Royal Mail Airmail, we typically ship same day or day after we receive the order and delivery time ranges from 2 working days for most European countries to up to a week for other countries but there will be delays because of the holiday season.Airmail gets the DVD out in a quick but still economical way, allowing us to build...
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