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Last call ... screening is tomorrow!
Thank you for the compliments but they really should be directed to the Drake's team rather than us! I hope you enjoyed the shop, the green grenadine is one of my favourite ties.
A heartfelt thank you to the Styleforum organizers, a good time was had by all. There was a sea of jacketed, pocket-squared men standing by a sparkly, light-changing counter. It was like being in an upscale gay bar. Our fearless party organizer Our glorious leader Our outstanding celebrity graphics designer personality and best-buds party intern Ten years. Bloody hell! Also ... Los Angeles Screening of O'Mast this Thursday sponsored by The Armoury + Leather Soul...
hello world
For those who can't make it to the Styleforum 10 year anniversary come join us at the Hollywood Roosevelt on the 10th of May, 7.30pm for a screening of O'Mast followed by a Q&A with the director and a drinks reception. Tickets are USD 10 Hope to see you there!
I spent all my dough on that big carpet They are indeed shell and they are delightful like donuts.
All set up and ready for business tomorrow ...
Dear London, please stop raining.
Apologies for the repeat, but I thought this deserved a thread of its own, hopefully it will be of interest to some of SF's London members. We are pleased to announce that The Armoury is coming back to London on April 20th and 21st with Liverano, Carmina and nackymade in tow. We will also be joined by Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Snob, on Saturday the 21st, offering his skilled polishing services as well as a range of creams, waxes and coloured laces. Liverano e...
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