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Looking for something lightly worn - either black or dark brown
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Although I really shouldn't be making snarky comments (I have one myself) this forum's obsession with pink cashmere ties is rather hilarious. Haha - they are like SF crack. I don't yet have one but feel I should get one due to all the hype.
My advice is to be careful of saying 'No'. I'm not saying be a yes man, but when an opportunity arises that may be out of your comfort zone, take a chance on it especially while you are young. A short personal story, as I was going through similar experience early in my career as an accountant (i mean, I 'm still only 29 so early in my career, but anyways...). I had a chance 2 years ago to take advantage of an investment opportunity with a friend (we are both under...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Transporter Not that it matters one way or another but just wanted to get some other thoughts between the two. I'll cast my vote for Wang. Both will look similar in photographs (i.e. from far they will blend to grey) - the Wang will show up a bit lighter. I went with the Wang glen plaid for my wedding. Very nice tie. -J
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 If he had that level of maturity, he probably wouldn't have had a loss to own... Truth.
Dude has issues. For a guy that has everything he cares way to much about what everyone thinks about him. All he had to do was own the loss, move on, and people would respect him a lot more for it. Instead, he makes excuses and talks down to the "haters". Nice suit though.
1) Wearing OCBDs but failing to BD. 2) Sloppy collar due to lack of stays or failure to replace stays. 3) Ill fitting shirts. To me, shirts "blousing" is much worse than ill fitting pants.
Having a hard time finding bow ties anywhere at a reasonable cost. Want this for my wedding. Shoot me an offer via PM if you have anything of interest. Thanks!
Nice Lardini. Will kop if still around after my wedding...
Nice Dub, well priced. I'm in an mkvi gti and love it...
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