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This is a nordic brand, most likely Danish. I've bought a few items from them (sweaters, coats and trousers) and I've mostly got what I've paid for. Their shirts are not worth the money though. They have got some pretentions of beeing upmarket but are really just a rather solid mid-tier brand here in Sweden.
Hello all - a bit late to the discussion I'm afraid. I still have the chart but I can't say how current it is. I don't expect T&A and T.M. Lewin to have changed their standards but the rest of the bunch may have. Anyway, I've mostly been buying Swedish shirts lately so I can't really say. This is probably the chart I posted, if I can make the new forum software behave... Björn
Is this computer generated? Vaclav - are you not human?
Thank you for your opinions. As I've said before, the post count is not serving a purpose as it is, but has drawbacks. We could either: 1) Remove post count from thread display, leaving it only visible in the member info. Don't know if that would work as intended 2) Make only posting is the Men's Style section count. Then, post count would be a measure of how verbal you are in the subject of the forum. After all this is a StyleForum. How much you talk about your car...
My first poll - not happy how it turned out. Even I, had to think before casting my vote. Let's see how this turns out.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of content-less obbsessive posting that only seems to serve the poster in jacking up his post count. This behaviour creates a lot of noise, usless load on the server, derails good threads and makes grumpy people even grumpier. Wouldn't just 'Joined date' do, to identify new members? Hrmphh..
"Brown is for farmer" or "Do you like it, the lamb"
I like it, at first sight. Specifically the coat color, tie and square. Even the buckle could look OK 'live', although it it is a bit suspect in a still picture with those jeans. Still, you are probably right about the jeans. They seem to be tired weekend beaters, brought into active service out of retirement.
Thank you for making the effort in posting this. The first two are right up my alley, although my SO would point out to me that I already have stacks of shirts just like them.
Thomas is back from America and has written about his trip at his blog, in his usual entertaining way. However, the entry ends with this comment: "Also, many thanks to my friend Steven Hitchcock [a very talented, young Savile Row tailor], who kindly warned me about a rather odd individual, an American customer, who's been making life harder than it should be for us tailors. I know customers watch us tailors, and talk about both us and our work with each other....
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