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I just got my first pair of raw denim from blueowl, Unbranded Tapered, and they fit exactly how I want them to when I first tried them on. I can fit one hand in the waist and can pinch about half an inch on the thighs while wearing them. How much are they going to stretch out? Will washing them put them back in shape? Should I return for a size smaller?
Untucked shirts with blazers remind me of Dr. House
Wish they weren't clip-on, interesting idea otherwise.
[[SPOILER]] They kind of look like they are made from the side of a UPS truck. Fantastic shoes though
Not clothing but... The only version I could find that had all 4 full-length novels and all 56 short stories that included the original illustrations from the "Strand" in one volume. 1400 pages
^get rid of the baseball cap and get some boots
Nigel Cabourn, here is a similar one.
Now that I see them in the photos above my interest is dropping. I wish the cognac was richer and they were more antiqued.
What boot color options do I have wearing navy jeans and a dark navy pea coat? cognac, brown, rust, black?I'm considering these boots: [[SPOILER]]
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