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Untucked shirts with blazers remind me of Dr. House
[[SPOILER]] They kind of look like they are made from the side of a UPS truck. Fantastic shoes though
Not clothing but... The only version I could find that had all 4 full-length novels and all 56 short stories that included the original illustrations from the "Strand" in one volume. 1400 pages
^get rid of the baseball cap and get some boots
Nigel Cabourn, here is a similar one.
Now that I see them in the photos above my interest is dropping. I wish the cognac was richer and they were more antiqued.
What boot color options do I have wearing navy jeans and a dark navy pea coat? cognac, brown, rust, black?I'm considering these boots: [[SPOILER]]
^great pricing too for being made in America; I am a slim 38L and would love to hear back on the sizing.
^haha, tell it like it is
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