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Epaulet has some with detailed measurements.
I remember in high school when I thought a well dressed woman was any woman wearing skin tight jeans and showing cleavage.
Bizzaro George?
Field Jackets:J.crewArmy surplusBarbourPeacoats:ShearlingFidelitySchlottjust throwing some things out there
Fantastic boots and photography
Nope, sorry
Common, we had a good thing going for a while
^ I am actually in the exact same situation but with some Unbranded Tapered. Would love an answer on this.
cross-post I just got my first pair of raw denim from blueowl, Unbranded Tapered, and they fit exactly how I want them to when I first tried them on. I can fit one hand in the waist and can pinch about half an inch on the thighs while wearing them. How much are they going to stretch out? Will washing them put them back in shape? Should I return for a size smaller?
Men's Clothing would give you a faster answer.
New Posts  All Forums: