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Recieved a shipment from American Eagle today thinking I was just going to give it to my little brother. It fits and feels good but is slightly boxy. I am kinda embarrassed how pleased I am.
Where can I get a parka just like this (slim fitting, removable hood, mid-light grey) for $400 shipped to Canada?
Looking for a winter coat for Canadian weather. It has to be less than $400, unique (something not overdone like a peacoat) and slim fitting. Some things that I like are fur linings in the collar and mainly looking for something that will contrast deep indigo jeans and a brown backpack so maybe grey. If I can find a coat warm enough then a coat cut like a blazer. I wear lots of low-medium weight sweaters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ask your question here or here
Where did you get it and for how much?
^how and what exactly was altered? I am in the same situation
I am so tempted to kop but I already spent too much this fall.
I just got the slim merino v-neck sweater in the mail. It fits almost perfectly (6' 160lbs.) except for a small amount of blouse in the middle. The material is a bit thin though for the price but on sale it would be worth it. (I didn't get it on sale )
If your looking for a quality stylish backpack I suggest the Makr Farm Rucksack. I just got it in the mail 10 minutes ago and it is orgasmic. The canvas is so thick, the leather is very high quality and it is very comfortable even with 3 textbooks and a laptop in it. I cannot express how pleased I am with it. (I got it on sale for $115)
Epaulet has some with detailed measurements.
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