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I hear a lot of hatred toward brands here, where "fashion" is equated with crap, or gimmick, etc. but what about the brands that you love. What brand(s) do you find the most pleasing? I am mainly posting this because I am new to this forum and style in general and do not want to go out buying clothes that I will just end up chucking in a few months.
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale The summer/spring looks are coming out in full force. ^This looks damn good. Though I imagine this is one of those looks that would prove hard to mimic and pull off with success. ^ I don't know what that jacket material is, but it looks tweedish in the pic for spring/summer Damn, how can I get these outfits for cheap? I need some summer clothes desperately, luckily I have about 2 months to...
Not quite sure what your looking for but you can try this BB
Quote: Originally Posted by razl I want those incos in 32s!!! Same lol
Pics are not showing up...
Nice stuff none in my size though.
Been sporting this cut since grade 11.
I wear a 38L (163lb. 6ft, slim build) would any of these things fit me?
Edit: NVM
Would you ship the Brooks Brothers French cuff shirt to Canada?
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