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Some decent ones here http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=231414
Just post photos of the clothes
khakis are fine too. By any chance could you post some photos that would help us.
Do navy coat, grey pants, red bow-tie, white shirt and when you hit the dance floor you could change into some off blue jeans.
Wrong section dude but I am interested would you ship to Canada and does the price include shipping?
I am 6ft 155lbs. and have the same general problem so I could use and answer too.
I am left-handed and find buttoning jackets up much easier the right-handed way. I also use mice with my left hand just because thats how they were set up when I was six and learning how to use a computer.
Lets get this thread rolling agian!
Now where would I be able to get these brands for cheap? I am 6'1 about 160lbs slim build and only have about 1.5k for clothes.
New Posts  All Forums: