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Are the prices above the ties for all the ties in the picture or each? Love the Armani suit btw
Just get them hemmed and they are perfect!
Alls well that ends well
Not really recent but...
White chinos rolled up a bit, black belt, bright blue linen shirt with rolled up sleeves, not socks, watch with a black leather strap. A summer look that I am not sure would work...
You are a gentleman and a scholar.
Is it just me or are those 40R's fairly slim maybe it is your method of measuring? Do you find that those jackets are slim?
Ya those are wayyyy to round your going to have to chuck em lucky for you I have a great shoe disposal depot near my house so I could take them off your hands...
Damn I was sooo close to scooping up all of these but I am strapped for cash right now
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