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Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone +1 on Haspel. Bought mine in natural light tan from for around $150 shipped. Just a bit of tailoring and fits great -- not boxy at all. I'm 6', 160lbs and typically wear a 39/40R. Gets lots of complements as a spring/summer casual suit. Wow twotone I am the exact same as you, 6ft 160lbs! You just sold me on this
Quote: Originally Posted by Gwarg They've got 100% linen ones this year. Anyone know of the quality of this brand? I am very interested as I am very slim.
Why is this being dug up?
Sleeve length?
Wow that brass polished up better than I thought it would
Wow, great prices!
Wish all the pants were sz 32
I love it!
Wish they were 32x34... You should post pics btw
I am like a kid in a candy shop
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