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Why do wool ties always get snatched up so fast?
Thanks! This outfit was mostly inspired by nerdboyfriend
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade I am confused. Are you trying to look preppy or hipster? If preppy, it's a fail. As for hipster, I am familiar with the look(s), but don't really know the paradigm. I was originally titled hipster but people said that it was more preppy...
They remind me of a banana
Considering #6 and #16 shipped to Canada, can you give me a deal?
Thanks guys, now forgetting that this is not really hipster does this outfit still work?
Quote: Originally Posted by spitfirees20 I think you've completely missed the mark. The outfit you just posted is "preppy", not "hipster". "Hipster" clothing is usually defined by tennis or boat shoes, tight skinny jeans, a deep-v t-shirt, a flannel overshirt, and ray bans. Thanks for the info
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Even though I don't approve of any of that.... if you're wearing suspenders, they're called braces... don't do "clip-on" suspenders... and if you're wearing braces or "suspenders," don't wear a belt. Regardless, your braces/suspenders should never be seen either. Whoops , thanks for the info
Love the Burberry and it's my size... hmmmm
Changing this thread because I changed my mind about things and was not getting results to start with. Question: Does this outfit work? Anyways I can change it to make it better? Hairstyle: Sun Glasses: Bow Tie: Shirt: Belt: Pants ( Rolled up a few inches above ankles ): (no socks) Shoes: Watch: Note that these are not the actual items I am buying just the style. Thanks!
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