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Looking for some decent beater penny loafers preferably with out tassels. Similar style and color to this: ( but not a must ) http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...5Lc5gCWKEH7Udg
The jacket is too short I think, the buttons could be lower. I'm not very experienced though...
Lay out your best fitting SC and measure that
final bump!
Why do wool ties always get snatched up so fast?
Thanks! This outfit was mostly inspired by nerdboyfriend
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade I am confused. Are you trying to look preppy or hipster? If preppy, it's a fail. As for hipster, I am familiar with the look(s), but don't really know the paradigm. I was originally titled hipster but people said that it was more preppy...
They remind me of a banana
Considering #6 and #16 shipped to Canada, can you give me a deal?
Thanks guys, now forgetting that this is not really hipster does this outfit still work?
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