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It's interesting that as a man when I see a woman who is fairly atractive but has terrible posture ,with her chin forward and shoulders slouched a bit, I am completely turned off.
Use a royal red tie so that it looks like you graduated from Harvard and have more authority
#2 seems more like a 39L or 40L... too bad i would have bought it if it fit me
What bow tie would go well with this shirt? I was thinking this but it may be a bit ambitious I would prefer if it was from this thread as I would be able to get it easily
Sooo intriguing...
Damn, if I had cash laying around I would snatch these up
This thread is hilarious, why do you guys find this so scary?
Is it possible to get exact measurements from the inside of the NWT ALLEN EDMOND "GEORGETOWN" brown penny loafers. Rubber sole. Size 11.5EEE? I do not usually buy shoes online but these are what I have been looking for for a long time!
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