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Haha, I was just checking out their sales today so these popped into my head when you asked.
wrong thread
Haha, someone deleted their post so that it looked like I bumped it
wait a minute.... why is a 3 year old thread getting bumped?
How has yours aged? Do you wear it during winter?
There are a few reviews online if you really search. One the reviews I from a guy who has had it for 2 years and it has held up and aged quite nicely. The reason I am getting one is it fits my needs perfectly having pockets on each side for a water bottle and a compact umbrella, enough space for a laptop, 2 textbooks, 2 notebooks and lunch. It also has a unique fastening system that makes the bags simplistic look that you probably won't find on an army surplus bag.
*cross post* (this one is black) Which color would you pick for a college backpack? I was leaning toward brown but I can get white for cheaper. Would white be more versatile anyway?
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