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Suede Bucks from J.Crew. Anyone know if it fits true to size?
Suede Bucks from J.Crew for $100. Anyone know if it fits true to size?
Anyone know where I can order some cheap fabrics in grey and navy similar to the ones used in previous posts? Preferably near Canada. I would love to try this out.
Fantastic thread, this is what makes styleforum great.
What is the best deep indigo slim straight raw denim for around $100? I am Canadian, around 31.5" waist, about 6 ft. tall and I like to cuff my jeans. I mostly wear Clark's DBs and sneakers with sweaters or tucked in shirts. Thanks in advance.
Ya, that might be my problem. I am trying to get that perfectly straight down jeans look but I guess I bought to small a size to try and compensate for my largeish bottom. Maybe go up a size and get a boot cut to even out the legs?
I have a weird question. I find that when I wear skinny jeans the restrictiveness causes me to walk more like a girl. How do I correct this? Longer strides? I am trying to reduce me hip shaking/pivoting. I just bought the jeans so they should break in a little, but until then.
I know SF discourages wearing rugby shirts outside of a rugby game but I kinda want to try one out. Which one would you choose?
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