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It makes your hair look so much longer
Just in case it pops up on ebay I want to be able to make a snap decision. Still haven't got an answer though.
^sweet, would you ship to Canada?
Would that chambray fit a fairly slim 38L about 6ft 160lbs?
I feel the same way about these
What size slim fit tees should I get for a slim 38L about 6ft. 160lb? Also what is the word on the Trapper Jacket? Sizing? Worth retail? ~$175 in Canada I would love an answer on this before the sale ends.
Can you suggest any backpacks similar to the kakadu except slight more formal and simplistic? Also what size do you suggest for the trapper jacket for a slim 38L, 6ft 160lbs.
What do you guys think about wearing this jacket with this backpack everyday to university? I love the jacket and the backpack I am just not sure about the combination.
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