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Got any pics of you wearing it?
Get a deerstalker and you would be the spitting image of Sherlock Holmes.
I need rugged all leather boots for school and some hiking like the 1000 mile. Sub $300 shipped to Canada, anyone have any ideas?
I am a fairly slim medium, about 6ft 1in. Do you think it would fit, or could I get a pit to pit measurement? and how warm is it/ lowest temp you can comfortably use it with just a tee?
I've had my eye on it and got some questions. How dark is the blue exactly? How warm is it? Can you post fit pics?
Just some stuff I found that can keep you guys occupied during the hiatus. Not sure how many people know about this stuff... 4 hour long interview with Vince (not entirely on BB but thoroughly enjoyable): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Breaking Bad Podcast, also available on iTunes, clears up a lot of disputes I have seen on this forum (eg. how much money was in the locker, is the cancer back as of the half season finale, the gale shot at the end of season 3 was not...
Here are some [[SPOILER]]
Damn, I only sized down 1"
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