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Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer I don't think that was his implication. I think he simply wanted to report a positive customer service experience, which seems to be the exception rather than the norm these days, especially on non-astronomical price/custom objects. Furthermore, the company could have just fixed them or told him tough luck, but they provided a new pair, and did so more quickly than anticipated. i think its thread worthy,...
Just want to say that Allen Edmonds is a class act as a company. I ordered a pair of their new Lubbocks a couple months back. After a couple of weeks the threading that attaches the sides of tongue to the vamp had come undone. A few days later one of the loops that hold down the straps came undone. I wrote a quick email to the AE Customer Service asking if they have a repair policy or if I needed to take to a cobbler. A couple days went by before I got a reply. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Thomas Cannot believe those monks haven't sold. They stay around much longer and I might just fold and be forced to add to my collection... Actually, I snagged a pair from AnGeLiCbOrIs. Great shoes, sturdy. A little painful to break in, high in the ankles, but great overall. From his ebay post though I believe he has more pairs.
It would be allowable if you were wearing it over a nice white collared shirt, while hiking up said distressed pants, while running down the hallway of a luxury hotel, while being chased by a scantily clad super-model throwing high-heeled shoes your direction. Then, and only then.
These: Video of the construction:
Any updates on shipping these out? It's been a few weeks.
Where I work we have a "business casual" attire policy basically meaning collared shirt, no jeans. Ties are seldom. Suits are only worn by the President or VPs (I work at a university) and one very out-of-place information systems guy. I just started here last Decmber. During the winter I was good, quite a bit of sweaters, usually tie. Now that spring is in the mix I'm having a hard time find a good look. I'm tracking down a pair of linen pants and some light...
Get some AEs from eBay. Easy for sub $100.
Express for Men Producer pants, 34x34, black herringbone. I bought them a few months ago thinking that I'd get them altered to fit. They've been hanging in the closet since and now my wardrobe requirements have changed. Never worn, though I did pull the tags, so NWOT.
I think we need pics to back up said looks. I can't picture a bowtie without a jacket that would look "together"
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