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Hi all, I have a pair of Carmina Burgundy Adelaide - Alcudia Last (Size 7.5) for sale. Brand new. A bit too tight across the foot for me and no other shoes catch my fancy for an exchange. Pictures can be found on The Armoury which is currently selling them for HKD 3,800 or ~USD 490. All yours for USD 420, shipped worldwide. Cheers
Hi all, I have a copy of the following The Rake magazines for sale (both in excellent condition): - Issue 16 featuring Harland Miller - Issue 17 featuring Gucci CEO Patrizio di Marco. Cost is USD 15 each, including shipping globally. Cheers
USD 45 shipped worldwide. 3" wide and 58.5" long
How wide are the ties?
Price drop -> now USD 21 shipped worldwide
Price drop. Now USD 23 shipped worldwide Cheers
Hi all, I have the following for sale: - 1 new copy of Issue 10 featuring Camps de Luca Price is USD 25 each shipped worldwide -> now USD 23 -> now USD 21 All Sold. Thanks all.
I have a similar build to you (but shorter) and my advice re shirts is to go bespoke/MTM as soon as you can afford to, as it's highly unlikely that you'll find a RTW brand that will give a decent fit. Took the plunge a year ago and never looked back! Re suits, find a brand that fits well across the shoulders and then go to a good tailor to get the rest right.
1. Grey with purple window pane check 2. Brown herringbone pattern USD 20 each (shipped worldwide) or USD 35 (shipped worldwide) for both.
The Rake magazine - Issue 1 (mint condition). USD 25 shipped worldwide. SOLD!
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