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$10-30. Wash the shirt first as they shrink then I usually use safety pins to show him how much to take in. Don't forget, if you take in the body most likely you will want to narrow the sleeves a little too to keep the fit and proportions good.
I am same height and skinny. Search this forum under "tall" and you will find good threads. As for t shirts, just buy large tall or xl and take to a tailor to take in sides and sleeves. Whatever size you buy has to be long enough and the tailoring will solve the rest.
Anyone know if the natural Chromexcel loafers are available anywhere besides Leffot? I can't seem to find any ....
Tofujofu, There is a really easy solution to your problem; just buy t shirts that are the correct length and bring them to the tailor to take in the sides and arms. This will allow the shirt to fit better than anything you can buy on the rack. I am 6'6" and 165lbs and there is a huge variety of good stuff I can make fit really well with the help of a tailor. M
Hi Guys, Looking for a boot (not chukkas though) in the Barrie last, in 12 C. Can't seem to find any regular retailers who carry the narrower widths.. To I have to wait for a pre-buy? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Michael
Guys, Now that we have winter for real in Boston with snow and slush, do any of you wear Alden boots with commando soles on a day-to-day basis? I have some kudu chukkas which are completely weather proof but I would like to wear something more appropriate for business casual during the winter. Thanks in advance, Michael
Naked & Famous has a lot of 37" inseam models ... call Jay at Blue Owl & he will set you up. Pretty sure he has some even longer. I am 6'6" and it's great. Michael
Dr. Huh ... I don't know if I ever ran across someone skinnier than me! At age 50, I feel that the best thing is to be comfortable with the body we received and I've reached that stage finally. For me physical fitness & skill in some sport has made a big difference. That and the tailor!
It's great that everyone is so concerned about OP's weight but he could also be completely fine. I am 6'6" and 160lbs which is exactly the same BMI as OP. I am in excellent health, work out almost every day, (2,000 meter swim 4x per week + gym 3x per week) and eat as much as I want. It's just that have a fast metabolism and not much body fat. I'm sure 100 years ago there would be a ton of people OP's size that were perfectly healthy and no one would be concerned - we've...
Hi guys, Just getting into raw denim with some N&F skinny guys. I love them but it will be months before they show any fading, etc. I am already interested in a higher-end brand and am wondering how anyone justifies owning more than one "new" pair at a time ... do you guys just rotate through the pairs you are currently into? Or just wear one at a time until they wear out? As you can see ... trying to justify additional expenditures!
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