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Plenty of new stock today. More blankets for those who want them and they cracked open a few boxes of Oxfords in various colours just after I walked through the door.
Sub 11 lb ride: If its been posted already forgive me, too lazy to look.
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy 25% off eyewear To receive 25% off go to and use the promo code GIVING NVM
Never did sell this. Put it in a closet and there it rests. About to throw it up on the bay but thought I'd bump this in case there was any interest. SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy u can get redwings right now for 30% off + free shipping @ selection is pretty weak though use this code: FREESHIP30 The fact that you can now buy these at AA may have just killed them for me. Fuck, cause I love my boots.
Thanks for the sizing replies folks. Very helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oldboy Today I received the Angler Mocs in brown peanut leather that I ordered from Superdenim. Quality and construction is superb, these are much better than the Quoddy deck chukkas (loose/crooked stitching) I purchased earlier this year. The leather is heavy and thick, but soft at the same time. Fit is true to size. Very happy with this purchase! I've been looking at those myself (from Inventory). Did you order...
Anyone know how the LL Bean Blucher mocs fit in comparisson to Quoddy's, or in comparison to Sperry's for that matter? I'm a 10 in Quoddy's and an 11 in Sperry, pretty much a 10.5 in everything else. Looking at these:
For a sizing comparisson can you tell me what size you wear in other shoes? CP, Sperry, chucks... all would be of assistance. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by a2_hennessy Question: I purchased a pair of Red Wing Wabasha boots TTS, and they fit pretty snugly, except for some heel slip in the back. Does this mean I should be sizing down a half-size? Did you find them the same as other RW? I have a pair of 1907 in a 10.5 that I find a little large. Was thinking I might pick up a pair of Wabasha chukka's in a 10. Anyone have experience with a direct comparison?
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