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Hi, first time Luxire customer here and my test shirt arrived 3 weeks after the day of order. I am happy with the way the shirt turned out and will be sure to order more. With one caveat: If I can resolve the "Bat shoulder" issue as shown in the link below. It's most obvious when arms are lifted/leveled. The shoulder fabric only cringes at the seam. Which measurement should I change? Any advice?
Anyone can answer my MT shirt question?
Btw, I am intrigued by Tailor Store. How good are they?
I've read that others have experienced the same issue but haven't found any conclusion on this problem. The problem is that the fabrlc between bottons would bunch up especially in sitting position, which is not very nice. I wonder what measure needed change or is it just a characteristic of the way MT makes its shirts? Please advise.
It seems like the reviews for Moda Republic has been good and I am tempting to pay a little more to move my business from MT to Moda Republic. But the reviews are not as plenty as ones found for MT and I think I just need more convincing at this point before starting the trial shirts and the rest of the processes.
Well, I will be visiting from the 6th to 8th. Really want to take advantage of the zero sales tax in Oregon. I am thinking about buying a few shirts, perhaps brooks brother? and perhaps more if there is a good sale during those days. Please pour me with suggestion. If you have suggestion on activity or just some cool spots (not necessary for shopping) let me know as well.
Say if I wear a thin sock on a 9B Fifth Ave, and it's tight up front but bearable. How soon, and how much will you loosen up once it gets worn regularly? Thinking of either returning or keeping this pair. Please advise.
Please do help. Thanks!
Hi everyone, My Fifth Ave just came in yesterday. I tried it on without socks last night and found the front to be very tight. There is virtually no room for any socks. Albeit, I did order the size 9B though. My Clifton is size 8.5D, and it fits me fine. The Nordstrom staff measured my foot at 9.5...and when I said I wanted to go with 8.5 he was against it. But it fits fine. However, my Fifth Ave, which I don't have the luxury of trying it in store, doesn't fit me very...
Thanks! Didn't know that until now.
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