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Oh now I'll never be able to unsee that. One more question are the triple pleats around the cuff useful or are there less poofier options?
Just got my first shirt, Classic Blue Oxford with the Broke and Bespoke BD order #7921. Was on my doorstep in 8 days, amazing turnaround and I love the collar roll. Could I get some tips for my next fit? I was thinking shaving a bit off the bicep maybe widening the chest a little. The major issue would be the folds and pulling on my upper chest. I think I have sloped shoulders? Should I ask for anything specific?
The Fall 2011 catalog has dropped: http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/2011_falldigest After my first quick digital flip-through, Good things: -The Walden beefroll penny loafer is now offered in burgundy shell cordovan. Only other I've seen is made by Carmina (PG has a pair). Bad things: -Still no Mora (custom only, $450). But they released a dressier version of the Lubbock, the Norwich, to supplement the other single monk, the Boston -Independence collection is...
Every time I see my high school graduation photos from three years ago I cringe. Black rented notch lapel three-button tuxedo, black shirt, bright red ZIP-ON tie. *sigh* What little I knew then
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi So now that they have a new creative director what should be expected? Hopefully longer lengths on the blazers and suit jackets. The Thom Browne super-short-jacket influence present in Mr. Farrah's work was a bit heavy-handed and looked odd on my 6 foot frame. But they better keep the slim fit XS shirt sleeves long like they are now because they're the only shirts that fit me OTR.
My local Club Monaco has slim-fit polos on sale in various colors for $29.99 CAD (+20% student discount, if you look young enough and have an old student ID). I'm a 36R and the XS almost emphasized my skinniness TOO much.
Quote: Originally Posted by DoTheGrownup Right click on the image, copy the URL to the clipboard, open a new window, and paste in the URL. Thanks!
Damn you ImageShack !!! Does anyone have the pics saved on their computer by any chance and could re-post them here? Just reading all the astonished reactions isn't quite the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman What do you guys think of the McAllister (in brown)? I'm looking for my first brown shoe, and AE are having a sale where the McAllister is on sale for $249... would they be a solid first pair of brown shoes? I think most recommend that you start with a darker shade of brown (AE's dark brown burnished calf, for instance) as your first pair and then move on to lighter shades, such as the walnut McAllisters...
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis I want a pair of AE Elgins, but would these fall into the too formal/shiny category? I saw a pair of Elgins a month ago at an AE trunk show and they're pretty amazing in person. The natural-colored edge and waxy leather were designed with jeans in mind, go for it.
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